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  1. Nice! We had to rebook due to the pandemic last year and my TA got us one of those rooms that is right next to a suite, so the balcony is a little bit bigger than normal.
  2. True! Much like the hobbits, you can have dinner AND supper!
  3. That's what I'm most excited for. You can just look through the Windjammer and decide if stuff looks good. Heck, if there's a dessert you want, you could feasibly take it with you to the MDR to eat after dinner
  4. I ordered these as well. I was hoping they'd be there when we first got in our stateroom as a surprise for my husband.
  5. Sorry! I totally misread your post somehow. I'm so tired of having to think about vaccines and stuff. I apologize!
  6. Being vaccinated absolutely does reduce your chance of catching and spreading covid, actually. Does it stop it altogether? No.
  7. Ah, cool, didn't know about the one-day passes!
  8. You have to pay for all remaining days of the cruise. I believe you could feasibly sign up for an internet package on your third day and then you'd have it for the rest, but no, you can't only choose, say, days 2 and 3 and cancel for the rest.
  9. I had a similar worry when I read on a different thread that someone was denied due to not having a lot#. Mine has the lot#, but just says WAG for the provider, so I got it in my head that they would deny me since there's no store number. I'm not sure where you got your vaccines, but I got mine at Walgreens and they have my vaccination record on file. I was able to log on to the website and print out my record. I'm sure most retail places have that, as well, if that's where you got yours. I'm going to bring that and my vax card and I would have to imagine that would be sufficient.
  10. Good point, I didn't even think about them not wanting sick people to try to medicate themselves without reporting it.
  11. Ooh, thanks! I hadn't seen the Dinosaur Store mentioned before. We'll definitely check that one out. We love museums.
  12. In addition, there is a chat feature on the app. I believe it's an extra charge of like 2 bucks a day, but if you have kids, I'd imagine it'd be very useful to be able to message them or vice versa if they're trying to find you throughout the ship. This doesn't require the internet package, either.
  13. I'm pretty sure the Oasis-class ships have it. I know the Oasis of the Seas does since I've seen them on ship tour videos.
  14. I know on a lot of the ships, they have vending machines that sell all sorts of medical items. They'd likely at least have advil or equivalent.
  15. I actually did look for launches. Unfortunately there won't be any on the day we're there. I've considered the KSC too because I love space, but I figured Cocoa Beach would be simple since there's a bus that goes right there and comes right back to the port every 30 minutes. It's my first cruise and honestly my biggest fear is something going wrong and not making it back to the ship on time.
  16. Oh yeah, I forgot about the SeaPlex! I've seen videos of it and I like the idea for sure, but I think it could be so much more than that. I hope they expand it on future ships! Heck, I say go all in and put some bowling alleys in!
  17. Maybe not an esport thing, but I think it'd be cool to have a gaming area. I know some ships have an arcade, but I think a Dave & Buster's inspired place with food and a bunch of games would be pretty cool, maybe where a cover charge means you can play all the games you want (or maybe given a certain number of tokens).
  18. One of our port days is Cape Canaveral and I see there's a bus line that goes right from the port to Cocoa Beach, which is nice and convenient. I've looked at vacation websites and stuff, but does anyone have any recommendations on things we should definitely look to do other than the obvious things like go to the beach or look around the shops on the pier? Any interesting places to eat that are highly recommended?
  19. Now I'm worried that my card won't be accepted. My husband's has WM and the store number he went to. I went to Walgreens and mine just was WAG. They all have the lot#'s, though, so...I would hope that's sufficient.
  20. I was looking through the cruise planner and saw the option for the Sushi and Sake. It says the chefs guides through the making and such. It sounds interesting. Has anyone do it before? Is it worth it? Also...to the mod who approves this, would it be possible to grant me the ability to post without needing to be approved first? I promise I'm not a spammer!
  21. When seeing what the entertainment will be, does it matter what the itinerary is? Basically, will the entertainment basically stay relatively the same on Oasis regardless of what port is starts from and what its stops are? The latest cruise compass on the site for my May 8th itinerary is from October 2021.
  22. I'm getting even more excited for the cruise now that masks will be optional and there won't be any more vaccination bracelets!
  23. I used Cruisesit.com and so far I haven't had any issues, per se, but I don't often get any communication from my agent. Definitely never got any alerts about prices going down, which is something they advertise as a feature. She did get me a good initial price, so I guess I can't complain too much!
  24. From the things I've read, it's considered a bit tacky to walk around in your swimwear anywhere other than outside on the top decks. I don't think you'd want to go to an inside bar in swimwear, for example. I don't know if anyone would say anything, but there'd probably be some judging going on, if that bothers you. From what I've seen from other people, it's best to put your normal casual clothing back on when you are going to be done outside on the pool deck. Obviously if you're walking to and from your stateroom, I don't think that's an issue. For excursions, most people seem to bring a bag to put wet clothing into. Most beaches will probably have areas where you can change into swimwear.
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