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  1. I appreciate the ingenuity, but I'm definitely not someone who wants to have to plan multiple connecting flights (or drives between airports) and hope none of them get delayed along the way, especially in a country where I may not even speak the language. I guess those kind of cruises aren't for me if that's what it takes. I'll plan for more Mexico or Canada/Alaska cruises instead
  2. It was just a quick check using Google flights. I looked at CVG to Tel Aviv since Haifa Israel is where one of the cruises I was looking at left from. For two people the lowest is $2655 on American for a random day I picked for a few months from now.
  3. So, I'm already looking toward a cruise after my upcoming one and was looking into European trips. To me, I just don't see this ever being financially feasible unless you have a ton of money. Am I wrong? There don't seem to be any cruises which start in a US port, go to Europe, and come back which means I'd have to fly internationally, take the cruise, and fly back. That's already nearly $3000 for two people to fly round trip on top of the cruise cost. Do people usually get packages for this sort of thing or what?
  4. Well, it's my first cruise as an adult. Went on a Carnival ship in 2001 with my parents, so it's very exciting. Just hit 45 days left, going on the Oasis of the Seas. I'm pretty excited to explore the ship. I remember having a lot of fun doing that as a kid. Also really looking forward to just getting to relax and have nothing to worry about for 7 days. I couldn't work or check email even if I wanted to since we are not getting an internet package.
  5. I'm hoping they won't need masks soon. It's not really fair that if passengers don't need them, that crew should at least get the option to wear them or not.
  6. I'm going to remove this comment so as to not turn things toxic.
  7. Got checked in last night! It opened at literally 12:05, so that does seem to be the standard. Thanks, all!
  8. From what I understand, check-in times are first-come-first-serve, so checking in as early as possible gives you more options on times. I'd like a time as early as possible.
  9. I'm fine with it either way. It's more frustrating how gross and selfish people are. I couldn't imagine picking up food and then putting it back. Yet, the funny thing is, you never meet anyone who will admit to doing it. They know what they do is gross, but they do it anyway.
  10. Okay, that's what I planned on using as well. Thanks!
  11. Thanks, I'll be checking for sure. Did you use the app or the website?
  12. While true, I'd say every company is like this when it comes to phone-based customer service. I wish I could get someone to make all my customer service calls for me. I was on the phone for 30 minutes the other day just to cancel my internet. 30 minutes! And most of that was sitting on hold after asking them to cancel it.
  13. Yeah, I'm hoping. It was confusing because for over a month, it said check-in was March 24th, bit then it said the 23rd for awhile and then yesterday it said check-in was closed.
  14. Yeah, while I am new to cruising and using a travel agent, from everything I've read, they'll do all that leg work for you so you don't have to spend a ton of time on the phone.
  15. Oasis, sailing May 8. It's 45 days out, which is when check-in is supposed to open.
  16. Okay, well...it never opened for me last night and still says Check-in is closed. I'm hoping tonight will be the one since the app had been saying March 24th was when it was open, too.
  17. Yeah, that's still my plan. Maybe it happens while they're preparing to open check-in? I dunno, hopeful thinking.
  18. So...for over a month now the Royal app has been saying that I can check-in March 23rd. Then it said March 24th. A few days ago, it said the 23rd again and now today it's been saying "Check-in closed" and to check in 90 minutes before departure. What gives? Has anyone else seen this? How do I check-in if the app won't let me?
  19. Yeah, I imagine it would add too much complication to the bartenders to have to calculate the full drink and then only charge for the alcohol portion. I like the idea of just ordering a shot and adding it in to a virgin drink, though!
  20. Slightly off-topic. I'm sure what you say is true, but I just can't imagine booking a cruise and not knowing anything about the ship before getting on it.
  21. Heck, I don't even wear that stuff in normal daily life. Do I have political opinions? Sure, but I don't need to advertise them to everyone I meet.
  22. Not sure if it's normal, but mine has moved too. It originally said March 23rd and now says 24th for my May 8th cruise.
  23. I know I'm excited for the prospect of an adults only area. I'm hoping they have some more adult-centric activities. Let's all just be happy they're not copying Labadee and making it a suite-guest only area.
  24. There's not much info on the area yet, but my guess would be it'll be like the Solarium on most ships. It's "adults only" in that no kids are allowed, but it's not like nudity is allowed. I think the days of "topless areas" like that involving cruise ships are long gone.
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