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  1. Looks like they are possibly waiting for high tide to be able to be freed... https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/27005-norwegian-escape-runs-aground-off-dominican-republic.html
  2. Sure would be nice if Royal would address the protocols for Canadian ports!
  3. The closed loop Alaskan sailings usually stop in Victoria. Vancouver is a homeport for many ships, including Serenade, which we are sailing on in July. Between the testing and red eye flights back from Vancouver, I almost wish we booked out of Seattle. Except we did that already, and really wanted different ports and glaciers.
  4. The person posting on CC has reported that there are 3 floors of Covid quarantine rooms now. She is on the second half of her B2B on Harmony.
  5. It also means that things are getting more serious. I guess to be honest we are more worried about the potential for our college freshman to have to quarantine before going back to campus. It would stress her out completely.
  6. I'm getting seriously nervous about our January 3rd cruise now. Especially since they removed the first two weeks of January cruises from the Royal Caribbean website.
  7. Now it's showing on day 2 for Chops and Izumi, which is our sea day. Giovanni's is showing it's open for lunch on days 1,2, and 3. Could Giovanni's actually be open on for lunch on boarding day and a day we are in port?
  8. Thanks! We do have the Key as well. I figured most restaurants would be open on sea days, and closed on port days, especially when in Coco Cay. Wish some would be open when in Nassau!
  9. We will be on Freedom on January 3, and it will be our first time with UDP. I have been trying to figure out a game plan for where and when we would like to make reservations when we get on the ship. I'm a bit confused on the times given on the app for lunches, however. The only day that the app shows restaurants open for lunch is on day 4, which is the day we are going to be at Coco Cay. I thought that the restaurants would be open for lunch on our day at sea. Could this just be an app error?
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