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  1. Just curious, what was your original suite? I got downgraded from Star Loft to Crown Loft
  2. We booked with another couple who can't rearrange their schedule as easily. They booked a standard balcony, so they're content with everything. If it was just my family and I, I'd be more inclined to just walk away since the whole point of this vacation was to splurge since we hadn't done a vacation in years. RCL really put us in a tough spot and have given us no details
  3. My cruise is in the process of being moved, so far its been a complete mess. The rep on the phone thinks I'll get refunded, but didn't know for sure. Very worrisome since I splurged for a floating cabana.
  4. I understand this whole thing is complicated on their end, but it just feels like a bait and switch. Even if I get it in writing, I don't have much faith it'll be a true Genie experience. Worried that I'm dropping Star Loft money on Crown Loft experience. I know it sounds like the ultimate first world problem, but it is frustrating.
  5. Anyone know if Crown Loft Suite includes Genie? I was on Star Loft on Harmony and got moved to Crown on Wonder. Only got 300 OBC to compensate...
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