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  1. Anyone know if there are plans to add a Freestyle coke machine to the Liberty this Fall? This is probably the # 1 concern of the 5 teenage boys going with us!
  2. I am looking for someone who has done the dolphin VIP excursion at Chankanaab (Yes, I fully understand there are a ton of opinions about dolphins in captivity) Anyway, in the description it says there is a brief manatee encounter. I am wondering, for those of you who have done this excursion did the photographer take any photos of you with the mantee for your photo package. Also for those of you who have purchased the photo package, how much did you end up paying and how many images did you leave with. We have a family of 7 and are all first time cruisers so I know we will want the photos! TIA
  3. Does anyone have the email address for questions pertaining to the travel protection plan and the purchasing of it? I rarely have extra time to sit on the phone or I'd call! Thank you!
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