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  1. This schedule was sent to us from our suite concierge today! So I imagine, if all goes according to plan, you should have the show for your sailing too!
  2. I know a few people have been wondering when Hairspray was going to return, but it looks like we finally get it back next week for our sailing!
  3. On the May 14th sailing, so I'll keep an eye out! Don't have my hopes up, but I'll report back!
  4. Follow up to this topic but if you have the UDP, can you book your reservations on the app once you board this ship? I know you can't book ahead, but I didn't know if there was an option to book on the Royal App once onboard or if you do need to go to one of the specialty dining places.
  5. I haven't heard anything either. My sailing is May 14th. While I don't expect anything to change, I just wanted to make sure before I bought the at home tests. Someone asked them on twitter about updated protocols, and they stated people would be notified by email of any protocol changes for upcoming sailings.
  6. Royal Up opened for my Symphony sailing on May 14th. The only suites left to purchase are a few Royal Loft and one Grand Suite when looking at the availability. Put in bids for those two as well as some that aren't available to see if we can get lucky!
  7. Hey guys! I didn't see this topic brought up, but when should someone order the eMed At Home COVID test before they sail? My next cruise isn't until May 14, but I didn't want to run into an issue of ordering it too early and the test expiring or ordering too late and missing it coming in the mail. I'm sure I am over-thinking it, but any advise would be appreciated!
  8. I'm 72 days from our Cruise, and still missing Costa Maya excursions. Hopefully they pop up soon!
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