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  1. Hi RestingBirds, it all counts . On our forthcoming cruise we got free unlimited drinks package, free WiFi and $100.00 room credit.
  2. If you think that's weird , people from up North in the UK put gravy on their fries (YUK) lol.
  3. What's the best comp or perk you have received from RC and why did you get it. Did they do something wrong or were you just lucky.
  4. Cool, if mine doesn't work I may have to ask you
  5. Hi Geema, I have just put one on my signature so I will see if it auto changes tomorrow
  6. We love a game of bingo at home on Occasion so we tried it on the Indy once and only once because WOW was it expensive, back home we get a game book for about £12.00 which lasts the night so I was pretty shocked at the point I was told the cost but went ahead as we had the cards and the game was just starting. So unless RC lower the price we will never play their bingo again. At those prices for 4 of us we could have a great meal in a speciality restaurant. I haven't seen 270 yet but virtual fireworks surely they could do a small real display which would be more impressive. I think I read somewhere that some cruise lines do this but correct me if I'm wrong as I may have read it wrong as I used to think maritime law prohibited it.
  7. Being from across the big pond , what is Old Bay ?
  8. My wife loves Michael Kors Handbags and always buys one at their store on the Indy can anyone tell me if there is one on the Navigator or if not do any of their other shops on the promenade sell them.
  9. We found it in the Windjammer on embarkation day when we was on the Indy in October although we did have to ask where it was and it was in short supply so I hope they are not going to stop putting it out as I LOVE IT but you could be right DocLc as things always change if demand is not as high as it was.
  10. That was us . Ok it was18yrs ago when I was 30(gulp !) but they are right , we started Cruising and found our thing. We srarted with Carnival (great) then P&O (crap) and finally found our home with RC and haven't looked back , just wish we had found RC years ago.
  11. Thought this topic would be good for finding out things about the places we all visit and some of the hidden gems you've all found. One thing we found on a Caribbean Cruise a good few years ago was a hidden Hard Rock Cafe on our favourite Island of St Thomas. From what I can remember you head into town and belive it or not down a narrow alley an up some dodgy stairs and up the top you will see a smallish door with Hard Rock above it. When we went in it opened up into a large ish restaurant and for me the jewel in the Crown was there was an outside terrace with amazing views of St Thomas. I know this was a long while ago and things change but if it is still there it's well worth a visit for some lunch or Cocktails.
  12. Our first meal was on the Indy and it was Honeystung Chicken in the Windjammer, I remember Matt saying how good it was and that it was a tradition to have Honeystung on embarkation day and boy was he right NEVER LOOKED BACK . My personal choice for a last meal on board would be a combo of a great steak in Chops followed by one of each desserts on Giovannis trolley ( I am now drooling ).
  13. Thanks Matt, just kinda hoping that if my father in law just wants a steak they can accommodate as we all love Mexican and don't want him to feel left out.
  14. That's really cool, my wife and I keep looking at one on the Indy around April coming to Southampton which we would love as you get a couple Caribbean Islands plus I think about 6 days straight at sea and a couple of ports of call after that which would be great as I love days at sea as you get to chill out and do loads on board .
  15. Does anyone know if they sell Michael Kors Handbags on the Navigator Of The Seas as my wife always buys one at the M K shop on the Indy and would like to keep up her tradition. Hopefully not He He He He
  16. Thanks DocLc, shame about the freestyle machines but not the end of the world. As for Sabor hopefully he will be ok with that as he is a bit of a plain Jane where food is concerned.
  17. Miami Vice sounds pretty good, I think my wife will like the combo. I will suggest she tries it on Navigator in August.
  18. Excited about this one but even more excited about our Fjords cruise in Aug 2018
  19. I have just read this article http://www.travelweekly.co.uk/articles/277322/big-interview-michael-bayley-president-and-chief-executive-of-royal-caribbean-international anyone have any news on if we will get a Quantum Plus Ship or a different ship based at Southampton with the Indy and Navigator in 2019.
  20. Hi Geema, my wife's favourite is a pina colada and mine is a B52 , I know it's not very manly but I love the taste
  21. If you are going on a Cruise to Europe or the Canaries please feel free to ask any questions and I will try to help and if I don't know I will try to find out for you. Obviously I haven't been everywhere but I will do my best. Ships, ports of call , UK airports, shore excursions etc.
  22. Matt is spot on , we done it last cruise and had to eat in Giovannis the first night and Chops the second but they did let us change our dining times once on board. Very big advantage though is the saving , it cost us less for both restaurants than 1 visit to Chops. BARGAIN
  23. We are going on the Navigator Of The Seas for the first time In August after being on the Indy a few times was wondering if it has Freestyle Machines and does Sabor cater for someone who doesn't like spicy food as 3 of us do but 1 doesn't so can they do him a steak or a burger etc. Also I love the gym , is it as good as Indys and is it true there s a hot tub in it.
  24. We love Johnny Rockets it ticks all the boxes. Fun , great burgers and shakes and for $6 what more could you want. Oh and one other good thing is that if you want to chill on your balcony you can get take out .
  25. Our next cruise is August 25th 2017 going to France & Portugal & Spain on the Navigator Of The Seas from Southampton. Caaaaaaan't wait
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