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  1. Under 3 weeks till I hit Giovanni's on the independence and I seem to remember that Tyler mentioned that they bring it in a huge serving dish so I have made an executive decision , LEAVE THE DISH ON THE TABLE AND BRING ME A SPOON :) .
  2. I love corned beef hash but not sure about the gravy thing. With that combo of yours don't stray to far from the can as it's gonna be your best buddy for a while :) :) :)
  3. Hey Matt, I Hope you and your family have a great cruise on the 21st :) :) :) .
  4. Wow that question really makes you think. Here's our top 10 of things we would like to do with 1 more for luck. 1. If RC ever do it a Round the World Cruise. 2. Southampton to New York a few days there and then New York to Southampton. 3. Go through the Panama Canal. 4. Hawaiian Cruise. 5. An Alaskan cruise. 6. Climb to the top of the Rock wall on the ship. 7. Stand up straight for at least 1 minute on the Flowrider. 8. The Zip Line on the Oasis. 9. See the Northern Lights. 10.Get the biggest Suite they have. 11.Sail into Venice
  5. I think Tyler is right and my money would be on Shrek. Only a few weeks now till we go on the independence , does anyone know what the shows are on board.
  6. And let's be honest when you've had a few and your having fun who cares :) IT'S ALL ABOUT THE WELL EARNED VACATION.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I think we are going to put the idea on hold for now and see if it gets discounted towards the end of the cruise. Your right about I-95 we saw it on a documentary about the Oasis and to be able to check that out would be cool.
  8. WOW thats cheap. I wish we could get deals like that in the UK. At 25 bucks a day it's actually cheaper to go away than stay at home.
  9. The time of year we went to Tulum was October and although it was hot I wouldn't say it was brutal and as Don said the buses were modern and air conditioned and our guide also had cold beers waiting on board for us. Although it was a few years back I don't remember the jungle but I do remember feeling very humbled by how little the local people have and how bad some of their living conditions are it really makes you realise how lucky you are. I have fond memories of our visit there. The local people we met were lovely and the views from the cliff where one of the ancient sacrificial structures rises up is stunning as you look out across the ocean. It really was a fantastic tour and we would definitely do it again if we go back.
  10. I think it's a tie for me between the Bamboo River Rafting on the Martha Brae River in Jamaica & the Mayan Ruins of Tulum Mexico.
  11. We are thinking that more & more now , it would help if RC gave more info of what you get for the money. All they say is 2 specialty restaurants included plus tour of the bridge and engine room. Maybe if they explained in more detail what you get and maybe a souvenir I would go for it but at $340.00 they just don't sell it to us which is a shame because we would love to see the bridge.
  12. Sounds fishy to me he he :) . Cool name for a fish restaurant I bet it's packed around sail time.
  13. Thanks to both of you that helps :) . We really would love to see those parts of the ship that are off limits but it's a lotta dollar, fortunately we have just over a month to decide.
  14. Hey Matt , why don't you record a review of the Jewel when you go on her on the 21st and then post it on the blog. If it's as good as your podcasts are it would be great to see.
  15. I noticed that you can book a package that gives you a tour of the bridge , galley and engine room plus you get two specialty restaurants included which sounds cool but the price is $170.00 per person. Considering that Chops & Giovanni's is $50.00 for the pair I am wondering if the the tour of the ship is worth the extra 120 bucks or is it well overpriced at $170.00 for the package. Has anyone done this package and if so was it worth the money ? .
  16. Tyler80 is spot on. Passports are useful for so many things for example when you go ashore you may wish to hire a scooter or a car to do your own thing and they may need it as additional ID but never let them keep it.
  17. Anyone know any good Tapas bars in Vigo or La Coruna as we would like to try the real thing while we are ashore :D
  18. I hope they do ban it in the on board casinos , the UK banned smoking in land casinos and pubs about 2 years ago, since then the 2 casinos near where i live have seen a significant drop in customers through the door because they cant smoke inside and our local pubs are having the same problem. This is why i think RC will be slow to ban it from their casinos because gambling and drinking go hand in hand with smoking so if they have looked into stats they are probably concerned they may loose revenue as has happened in the UK.
  19. After what seems like forever it's now next month. To quote a well known song. I'm so excited I just can't hide it I'm about to loose control and I think I like it . :) :) :) . Anyone who tells me who sung that can have an extra Tiramisu on their next cruise as a prize.
  20. Wow , looks like you had agreat time in Alaska. Alaska is on my list of must do cruises so I enjoyed reading your review. The excursions you did sound awesome especially the snorkeling and the Helicopter ride. Shame the cruise director wasn't doing his job properly , sounds like he needs a change of career.
  21. If you have just been on a cruise welcome back. How about giving us a brief view of the ship you were on and where you visited. Don't forget to leave a full review in Matts cruise reviews tab at the top of the page.
  22. How about a revolving crows nest. Many tall buildings have revolving restaurants so why not on a ship. It would be pretty cool to sit and have a cold one and watch the scenery come full circle especially in somewhere like Alaska or the Fjords.
  23. It's just a shame it's not effective till January which means I could still get peoples cigarette butts and ash coming on to my balcony while im relaxing on the ship next month but at least they are banning it so I shouldn't moan. Isn't it funny though how RC have have not banned it from the casino where they probably make the most revenue.
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