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  1. I think they will bring me to the check in, and maybe they will take my luggage in a second time.
  2. sure I will keep you updated. When I will be there and they will ask for my luggage, I will say " I don't have a cabin, so where will go my luggage?"
  3. I Think you could be wrong, because the first date available for boarding from Civitavecchia was on 2 September. I will be there. Also I could tell you, there are many problems with the cabins, and the app for this date
  4. Harmony OTS of 2 September... still no cabin. And when I try the Royal Up... I get this message: " Please ensure your sailing is within the next 30 daysPlease ensure there are no errors in the information you entered"
  5. oh it is not my CA numbers, my CA are totally different
  6. Yes, the date is in the European format because I'm Italian ? So those number are useless atm to know my cabin
  7. By reading some discussion here, I just tried to scan my SSP. for me and my girlfriend, we have these numbers: 374687438-gty 374687420-gty what's mean? I booked a Interior Gty on Harmony for 02/09/2021 Civitavecchia. thanks
  8. I tried everything, all incognito modes in all browsers. Nothing won't work. And the italian customer care still says is a problem of mine
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