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  1. I did a Lift & Shift for my cancelled June 2021 cruise to June 2022. I have been waiting for my Booking Confirmation since April when the June cruise was cancelled. My TA has called numerous times and Royal says they are too busy to do the confirmations on my 3 suites since cruising is now restarting, so it may take another 3 weeks. Makes me feel like a "valued" RC cruiser?!
  2. I received my money back on all Cruise Planner purchases for my cancelled June 2021 cruises in 2 weeks. I did a Lift & Shift to June 2022. I repurchased the Thrill Park Cabana as soon as it appeared in the Cruise Planner and less than a week later it increased in price by $300. Be aware that any purchases you make for Coco Cay now have a 12% tax added to them.
  3. My Lift & Shift from June 2021 Symphony to June 2022 Symphony went through right away.
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