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  1. Yes! Hoping to get them scanned in the next couple of days. There was no showing of Hairspray on our sailing. I was a little disappointed. But most of the items should stay pretty close to the same.
  2. We learned to make reservations for My Time Dining for breakfast. The Windjammer was CRAZY in the mornings, especially on port days. You could get a lot of the same menu items as the buffet in a much less crowded and crazy environment. A relaxing way to start the morning, and we loved that. We also enjoyed the card room on deck 14. A great place to play games as a group. Usually not busy and quiet.
  3. I saw a few large groups. I understand traveling with vaxxed and non-vaxxed can make things a headache for sure. Maybe things will change before you sail.
  4. Not to my knowledge. It was all decorated for Christmas and there was stuff hanging from the ceiling. Maybe this was the reason it did not happen.
  5. We did not have any kids with us. It was our 25th anniversary cruise. I am sorry.
  6. We only did one. It was Chops. The food was amazing and the service was impeccable. I booked the time before we left on the RCCL website.
  7. You can only book it once you board the ship and connect to their wifi. You can not book it prior to boarding. Maybe only if you have a star class suite. Anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
  8. I felt like we had a good array of options to choose from. We did all of our excursions through the boat this time. Maybe more will start showing up a little closer to sailing like 3-4 months out. We were happy with all of our excursions.
  9. I would book your shows first thing when you get on the boat. Reservations were gone by the end of embarkation day. I did not get all the times I wanted, but feel if I would have done this first thing I would have had a better outcome. You can also book by calling or seeing someone at the box office as well. I found the app to be extremely easy to use for this though, and it keeps you out of a line. I believe your concierge could book as well. We were not in a suite. I could only reserve a show once, but you can always stand in the standby line. Show up 30-45 before the show starts and you should be able to get in. Flight and Hiro were great. The Ice Skating show was just ok. That is only my opinion though.
  10. 4009 passengers, not sure on the percentage. Windjammer was open for dinner. Seating in the Windjammer could be difficult as not every table was available due to social distancing.
  11. Just got home from the best vacation ever. I am happy to answer any questions. I always got such good advice and information before I left, I would like to return the favor. So ask away, and I will do my best.
  12. Could you possibly post a picture of the list of all the shows and times. We board in 36 days, and I am a major planner. Can't get here soon enough. Also can you make reservations before you board or just on the ship. We don't have a suite, just a balcony cabin. Are reservations even necessary with the lower passenger counts? Thanks for being willing to answer questions.
  13. For me it opened at midnight. I am on the east coast, so can't speak to other time zones.
  14. Thank you so much @TB2021. Have a wonderful trip
  15. What time can you access your cabin on embarkation day? I know checked luggage will not be there until much later. Just wondering what time we can check out the room and drop off our carry-ons. We will be on Symphony of the Seas.
  16. Thanks! We open at the end of the month and was wondering what time on that day we could check in. I am a planner, so I will trying at midnight. This cruise has been in the works for a long time thanks to COVID. Super excited! Thanks for the information.
  17. What is the earliest time can you online check in when it opens? A newbie trying to get a good boarding time. Thanks!
  18. I reached out to Royal Caribbean via Facebook Messenger, I too have lost my card in a recent moved. I sent them a picture of the document I received from our health department that showed my two vaccinations and asked if it would be enough to replace the original card. They replied quickly with a yes. So they are quick to respond. I will be screenshotting the message and bringing it to the port just to cover my bases. So I suggest reaching out to them via FB messenger if you are looking for a quick answer. Hope this is helpful.
  19. We are less then 90 days out for our Symphony of the Seas in December. Check in was available once but now when I look at the app and online it has disappeared and says it is not available? Is the health screening the same as check in? I think when I saw it before, I got a 1:00 pm time for that. A newbie, and very confused. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  20. My husband and I found a great deal on a Voom Surf and Stream internet package for 4 devices. We would use two, and are hoping to let the a couple cruising with us use the other two, and split the cost. Is this a problem? They are not on our reservation. Has anyone ever done this and how did it work? We cruising for the first time on the Symphony. I am SO excited! Thanks for any advice?
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