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  1. I recently spoke with a friend and was talking about the frustration I was experiencing with FCC and Royal. If you have used your FCC on a cruise and then that cruise also got canceled you have to call them to reissue it. Because now you have the original FCC and any additional amount from the cruise that was canceled that now becomes another FCC. Then if you think they will reissue you may find out you were wrong and need to call them again. Then it might need to be researched by resolutions and then you need to call again to have it reissued. I could go on and on about all of the confusion a
  2. Note sure where on CC since it came up on a search and I can't find it again which is why I am asking here.
  3. I had the link for this from someone that posted on Cruise Critic. It was a PDF that had all the percentages listed for room numbers. I am looking for the Ovation percentages if anyone has it.
  4. I had several FCC from being on a cruise during the past hurricane and had used several on cruises that were canceled. I called Royal........On hold first time ONE HOUR and 30 minutes, second time ONE HOUR, third time another Hour!!! No seems to be able to answer the question when given the FCC Certificate number what happened to it. This greatly concerns me since I have FCC from two cruises that were canceled. Staff seems confused about these and when you add past ones they don't seem to know how to look them up. I was relieved to find I can change FCC back to a refund but what about FCC be
  5. I used a TA so Royal will not help to clarify questions regarding this. I included a supervisor at the travel agency and she made no comment to the agent saying I would lose the 450.00 deposit in order to upgrade for less than 900 from an inside guarantee to virtual inside. I won’t use this agency again. I will wait and hope for the offer from Royal. For that amount I could bid on a suite! I
  6. Wisconsin and the cruise is in November. Final payment is in August.
  7. I have an inside cabin on the Explorer of The Seas. I am traveling solo. I have a Bogo60 NRD of -435.00, Saving NRD -50.00 for a total of 1124.86 I wanted to upgrade to a virtual inside for an increase in total price on RCCL to 1242.90 which included Flash sale -50.00 Resident NRD -176.00 and 30% -582.00. The agent said I could not do this unless I cancelled and lost my 450.00 deposit. Otherwise she said it would cost me over 900.00 to upgrade to a virtual inside. I have never had this happen !!!! Have others had this type of experience where you are unable to upgrade to current prices??
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