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    I contacted the customer service line about what procedures they would take if someone WAS to get sick on-board and hopefully that will give me a little relief (if they are able to help me at all).  What also is giving me some relief is that none of the ships that have been quarantined were Royal Caribbean. Just reading over their updated screening procedures made me feel a bit better!
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    We are leaving on our next cruise out of Galveston on March 22. We have less fear of the virus as we are both hyper cleanliness nuts and even though we are older (+65) we are in excellent health and to prepare went to our physician this week and were cleared by him. Fortunately for both of us we can work remotely for extended periods so we are leaving to relax and enjoy ourselves whatever may happen. Seeing the status of the booking availability on our voyage I am anticipating that there will be fewer people aboard which is fine by me. Shorter lines for the wave rider, fewer people by the pool, shows and dining.
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