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  1. The concern is not getting the virus but how travel plans will be changed. Like will you be allowed off at ports. Will your ship be quarantined. Will you be denied boarding because of an evaluated temp.Will you fly down only to have the cruise be cancelled ruining your only vacation for the year.
  2. So that just looks like the age restriction is only for the pool/hot tub there. So no real adult area.
  3. Harmony drink package is $61.. that sucks when people are seeing $51. I tried several dining options and none of them have dates available so I guess they are sold out. Sailing in May so maybe should have purchased earlier.
  4. So Monday they raised the price of the cruise I was going to take and removed the on-board credit of $75 so this Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is going to cost me $175 more so crossing my fingers that a real sale appears on Friday.
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