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  1. Sorry, didnt see this original question. I had this exact same question and experience, so I called royal Caribbean directly. They told me that the refund should happen automatically, with the normal processing time that royal takes (3-5 business days I think). And if didnt happen I should call back to make sure that the refund happens. I also asked if I found out within the 48 hours of leaving for the cruise. They told me same thing applies no matter when I was notified of the upgrade, and I should go to guest services while onboard if I didn't receive the refund right away. So basically be prepared to have both or double charges on your credit card until everything is cleared up. This is because the upgrade is an automatic charge once your bid is accepted. I'm currently in sky class awaiting to hear back about my upgrade. I'm 7 days out from my cruise and I haven't heard a thing, I'm sure we wont be upgraded at this point but we're still in the running. ?? Hope that helps!
  2. At least they give you the news on a day they know you'll be happy! Maybe it's a strategy lol. Enjoy your vacay!
  3. Makes alot of sense too! You guys give me hope!
  4. Awesome! Thank you for answering and congrats on your upgrade. Unfortunately, since I posted this my cruise has sold out of suites. So I think my chances have significantly decreased. ?? Enjoy and Live it up for the rest of us!?
  5. Excellent, please let us know how it turns out! We are on Harmony in the 15th!
  6. Thank you! We are less than 30 days out and there are still plenty of suites available for regular booking. So I was thinking I had a better chance, but from reading other posts, it appears to be better if the lower class cabins are sold out-which they are. Oh well, I'm happy either way. Thanks again
  7. Greetings all, I've been reading through most if these threads and I couldn't find anything. Has anyone been successfully upgraded from sky to star class? Was it with the max bid? How soon were you notified prior to cruising? Just wondering if its possible is all. Cant find where anyone came back with an accepted bid. Thanks in advance! ?
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