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  1. A few of us have noticed on the APP that there is a section for making reservations at Windjammer… the button isn’t highlighted yet but because it is there I think they might plan to enact it. But just by it being there they are planning it. If I go for dinner at Windjammer I also just want to show up….if I wanted set time I would go to dining room. I have my time dining but sometimes I want to eat at 6pm….
  2. Exactly…I was on Freedom and Mariner with 50% capacity and had issues at lunch finding a table in windjammer. I am on Symphony 12/18 and I was the one who spoke to someone on board about 5800 planned for that cruise. They said even at around 4000 there are issues with elevators due to restricted capacity. And if you try to climb in with more than 6 people are getting nasty about it. I worry about seeing the shows most.,.this will be my first Oasis sailing. I have cruised many holiday sailings with lots of kids so my only worry is tables in Windjammer. So with a ship that big I am just making plans to adjust. breakfast room service or Solarium for both.
  3. So we are sailing December 18th Symphony. Someone on board doing a B2B just asked crew and was told the Dec 18 sailing will have 5800 people. They are going to need to open some tables or something to meet the needs of this cruise. when I was over Freedom and Mariner we had maybe 1600 people and I had issues finding tables at lunch
  4. Same here..2 cruises both times on my lanyard..never an issue
  5. I am sailing Dec 18th on Symphony. I have been watching for Chops Plus 1, 3 night or UDP for my sailing on cruise planner but no luck. They seem sold out. I have been told they sell dining packages on board and I am curious if anyone knows pricing? It’s not the normal cruise..it’s a shorter 5 day. I have done UDP on 4 day cruises for around 100. My son and I really just want Jamie’s and Chops…but if the price was right we would go with a UDP..just depends on pricing. If we have to pay 50pp a meal I think we will just grab lunches … I just made Diamond so not even sure if I will have any offers loaded on my card…
  6. HI! did you ever confirm Bamboo room was included?
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