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  1. This is extremely helpful, thanks! Since we have two non-beach excursions planned (each involve walking outside), I think I will pack umbrellas (so we can go on the excursion without feeling overly squishy...)
  2. Hey folks. Same situation as OP. Per the RC App, Rain forecast every day (cruise starts this Sunday). I assume that rain "events" are different in Winter than in Summer. (Summer rain in the Car. is usually short bursts - is it correct that Winter rain is different? I am guessing longer duration of rain, but perhaps less intense? Obviously it varies, but I assume there is a "usual look" to Winter rain that differs from Summer?)
  3. Want to make sure we ask for the "right" one - what it the "wrong" one? (Is one crispy and the other grilled? Or is one spicy and the other not? Or...?) Thanks!!
  4. I'm also worried about CocoCay water temp - we are planning to do the water slides, and the extended forecast looks like a temp in the low 70s! Maybe I will pack an insulated tumbler so I can bring some hot tea with me!!! ** Does anyone know whether tea/coffee/hot chocolate are available on the island??? **
  5. Thanks! Great idea! I'll ask the Coach to send me an email...
  6. Thanks everyone! That's great news! My DD is 14, but I'm hoping we can get a waiver (I would accompany her/supervise).
  7. My child is supposed to do cardio over her Winter Break, preferably using a rowing machine. Does anyone know whether the Harmony Fitness Center has rowing machines? Thanks!
  8. Question - do they offer "generic" entrees, beyond the food theme? (My mother is a bit picky and would not be happy with the themes on nights 3-5... unfortunately, night 5 will ALSO be a problem for her in the MDR, based on the menu I see...) Also, is it correct that on night 5, the WJ (Harmony) usually has a special Chocolate Dessert Buffet?
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