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  1. Thanks! Great idea! I'll ask the Coach to send me an email...
  2. Thanks everyone! That's great news! My DD is 14, but I'm hoping we can get a waiver (I would accompany her/supervise).
  3. My child is supposed to do cardio over her Winter Break, preferably using a rowing machine. Does anyone know whether the Harmony Fitness Center has rowing machines? Thanks!
  4. Question - do they offer "generic" entrees, beyond the food theme? (My mother is a bit picky and would not be happy with the themes on nights 3-5... unfortunately, night 5 will ALSO be a problem for her in the MDR, based on the menu I see...) Also, is it correct that on night 5, the WJ (Harmony) usually has a special Chocolate Dessert Buffet?
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