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  1. I would...but it asks me to sign in, even though I am. Then when I try to sign in by entering my email address, it doesnt reconize me. Obviously I am missing something here...
  2. I just got back from my solo cruise. They credited me the single points, not double automatically. So I had to call to get them to correct it. Still hasnt been updated yet, so make sure you keep track of this stuff. If they are going to charge us double for the cruise, we better get double the points, and shouldnt have to call for it!
  3. No....am doing another cruise on Enchantment in now 18 ish days.....lol
  4. Would be worth it for sure on ships that had lots of choice's and options for dinner, and/or longer cruises. On 3-4 day cruises, I am not sure if it would be "worth" it between time off boat, excursions and using the main dining room, plus the buffet. I don't know how long it takes to eat at these speciality resturants, but if its anything close to the formal dining room, its too long and drawn out for me personally. But, options and choices are always good. And if there is some savings to be had, it might be enough to tempt me to try a few new and different things. Just like the drink package options they came out with. Choice is good!
  5. These machines were amazing. I didn't realize from the posts here, that once you hit a button like "powerade", that you would then have another 5-10 choices of flavors etc....... Was great, used alot. Very conveinent for sure. Looking forward to using them again in 20 days!! :D
  6. Thanks for the info. Hoping they have some powerade to help with the replenishing in the mornings...lol. Never seen them here in Canada, but I don't travel anwyhere in Canada, too pricey. All my travels are to the US or Caribbean or cruises!
  7. I can't wait to try out these machines. Seems like some great choicies and convienient for sure. Do they all offer the 100 different or so types of soda/water/sports drinks? Was wondering about powerade in particualr as on their website it shows it does, but wondering if thats just an "option" it could have, or if that would be standard.
  8. I have heard/read about these, but didnt have it on Monarch of the Seas when I was on it last year. Taking 2 trips on Enchantment of the seas this winter, wondering if it might be on that ship as well? What is the big advanatge or deal with these machines?
  9. I am going to be on the Enchantment of the Seas for the same cruise as keegs5312 on the 13th! While I already have my next cruise booked, I am always up for anything that saves me on my next one. As a rule of thumb, is it a better deal $ wise to book something when onboard, or to wait for a sale/promo and book online?
  10. So it sounds like 3x, not 4x the points. Or was that before they updated their policy to double points for solo cruisers?
  11. I guess I look at those as "extra's" that I may or may not use(besides the gratuities, which I am not happy with them being forced) so if the initial trip of the cost is lower, its a defn savings for me. if I get a credit, I may or may not have a use for some or all of it. I may simply feel the need then to do "extra" stuff just to use the credit, which may actually end up causing me to spend more $$ in the long run. But I am not an experienced cruiser, so perhaps over time I may change my mind on it. I think maybe on the longer cruises I would enjoy a credit, as the likelyhood of doing more pay activites would increase I suppose.
  12. I would say price reduction for me. I like the look of a lower price initally. Once the trip is paid for, I then plan for the extras along the way. I know its 6 of one, half dozen of another but for me the low price would be more attractive. Plus, there isn't really anything I purchase once on board. The only extra is the drink package, which i purchase ahead of time.(not sure if the onboard credit could be used toward that or not)
  13. I noticed in an article posted here about the Junior suites that: The other main benefit to booking a junior suite is you get double the Crown and Anchor Society points. All suites are eligible for double Crown & Anchor Society points As a solo cruiser, would I receive both the benefit f double points, plus the additional points for booking a junior suite? Would defn be a tempting option if so!!!
  14. For me it was the changes to the all-inclusive drink packages. Love the new options, and love the fact that you have some much choice and flexibility. For alot of others I know, this was one of the biggest things holding them back from cruising. The unknown and the horror stories of $1000's of exepenses at the end of your cruise.(mainly booze of course..lol) Now to be able to budget, plan and for each person to be able to choose different packages, or no package at all is great!
  15. There are lots of options for Nassau. As part of your reservation online with RCI, you can preview, read up and see pricing on all the excursions they offer at each location you will visit. Outside of that, there are many others you can research online or get some info on some of the other travel messageboard sites. I will suggest, that even if you don't choose a paid excursion in Nassau, there will be lots for you and your girls to do. There is a huge straw market there, lots of tourist shops to visit. Many resturants and bars to relax at and enjoy. There are beaches that are free to visit, with live music and cheap drinks at the bars there right on the beach. I am going back for a 2nd time to Nassau and won't be booking any excursion's as I still didnt get to see everything and go everywhere I wanted to on my own the first time. And of course, there is Atlantis that has all kinds of packages and options for visiting. However, some of those can cost as much per person as I paid for my whole cruise....no thanks!
  16. Just an update, its now available to be booked online, and can also be booked without the other person in the cabin as well. Defn a great move by RCI!
  17. Glad to hear lots of positive things about this ship. I have a cruise's in Jan and Feb booked on it, so this is all making me happy. Can I ask about the jerk chicken you mentioned Shawn? I didn't see it before in Nassau, but obviously I didnt see anything. Big fan of jerk chicken since Jamaica, so if you could let me know where/what to look for in Nassau, it would be much appreciated!!
  18. Well I have selected my preferences already, so that link indicates that a week before I will be "considered" for a stateroom upgrade. So I will wait and see what happpens. Still appears to be lots of rooms available in the cat. above what i booked. For my other cruise this winter, it is all sold out in the cat. above what I booked, so I guess asking what the cost would be for the next level up won't hurt and will answer my questions! Ok, that's what I thought for the points, just wanted to make sure.
  19. For those of you who have been members for awhile, I was wondering how often you receive the perk of an "automatic" upgrade without asking for it? Also, are there any other advantages of being a member once you are on board. Is it perhaps easier to acquire an upgrade once on board, or do they give you a discounted rate if there is anything available? And i have yet to figure out exactly how the points work.....1 point per day of your cruise, or is it based on the $value of the cruise you have booked? Thanks in advance for the help........
  20. Do they havre a dock at ther pirvate location in Haiti? A dock would solve alot of the problems for sure.
  21. yeah,. it's a great deal and a no brainer for me. Worse case is I will call and do it that way, was hoping to be able to simply do it online. I just hate the line-ups for it. Last time, it took quite awhile, the line ups were long. But it was a fairly new concept at that time I think so perhaps more people were not aware of it until on the ship.
  22. Still not available to be booked as of this morning.....grrr. It now shows them, but each time I try to book them, it tells me they are not available for my trip. Still some wrinkles to be ironed out I guess. But they better get them done soon, as my next cruise is in 27 days and I think you have to have your package pre-booked and paid for at least 5 days before the cruise?!
  23. wow, sorry to hear that. Guess I should consider myself lucky that on my first cruise I was able to spend the day on coco cay. It's a great day on the island. Maybe if its a 4 day cruise, they can change the at sea day with this day and get you there? I am doing this cruise in Jan and Feb....sounds like I should be looking for the honey strung chicken when I get on!!
  24. It's the airfare for me as well, but then that's always the case for us Canadians.... Vacation time is not an issue, neither is family. Airfare ranges normally from $600-800 to get to anwyhere in Flordia. Once you add on the single occ additonal cost for me, a $189 cruise is at least $1500. Once you add hotel overnite, shuttles and drink packages....its $2000. Thats why I have had to stick to 4 day cruises for around the $200 mark. While a 7 day cruise on Oasis or Allure would be a dream for me, it would also be a bank breaking vacation of somwhere around $4000 :angry: But it still tempts me everytime I see a deal like that... :(
  25. Any idea about redbull/energy drinks? I know someone asked somwhere, but not sure if there was an offical reply. If everything else is included, i can't see why these wouldnt be?! But I have learned to never "assume" anything in life.....lol
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