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  1. I dug up an old thread and somebody mentioned that coco has their own power plant? I wonder of that will speed up the repair process as it is a small area compared to surrounding islands. After a multi million dollar makeover I'm sure RC had hurricanes in mind while constructing all of the structures.
  2. Well I made this thread to get some possible information regarding Cococay and how this is going to affect my vacation. Afterall this is a cruise blog.. am I right? I live in Florida, we are also affected by this mess. Yes, its unfortunate that the bahamas is getting nailed with the worst from the storm, we can all agree on that.
  3. I always assumed that power was ran from a nearby source. Interesting..
  4. Oh boy... I should have renewed my passport. If the itennirary changes to jamacia, hati, Mexico, etc. Will I still be able to get off the ship with birth certificate and DL?
  5. I'd hope that RC would reroute to a different destination if the Bahamas were to get severly damaged. Im a Florida local and I know from experience that any direct hit can destroy an area for months and be without power for several weeks. All of a sudden Hati, Jamacia, or Mexico sounds like a better iteninnary.
  6. I'm booked to leave on Navigator on the 9th. It looks like Nassau may be spared from the eye wall, although Cococay may be in the direct path of Dorian. Current forecast bumped up to Cat 5 wind speeds. I have a bad feeling that Cococay is not going to open back up on the 4th as planned. I could only imagine that it may take weeks to restore power to the islands. What are everybody's thoughts?
  7. Great! I'll have to give those a try on land!
  8. Hey there, Preparing for Navigator of the Seas departing on September 9th. My girlfriend and I are planning to get the drink package via the cruise planner site. I was wondering if Royal Caribbean offers spiked Seltzer drinks (White Claw). Over the past couple weeks it seems she is developing some sort of Gluten allergy so beer is out of the question. She typically drinks White Claws at home as they are gluten free and don't upset her stomach. Do they offer these on board Navigator?
  9. Hey there, I have sailed out of the Miami terminal about 2 years ago and I remember the parking situation was very expensive at the port. This year I am looking to do something a bit different to save some money. I live in the West Palm area so the first thing that came to mind was taking Brightline to Miami and Uber to the terminal (about 10 minutes away). I have never been on brightline before and don't know what to expect. My main concern is getting to the terminal at 10am. Does anybody know of any cheaper parking options near the port? Brightline tickets for 2 run about $70 round-trip.
  10. I plan on bringing my GoPro Session 5. Seems like a good option since it's waterproof and compact. I primarily use it for my motorcycle and it takes great 4k video.
  11. If you have a drink package try ordering a bottle of water in addition to your main drink order. Good way to stock up for port days!
  12. Awesome! I'm booked for Navigator in September.. can't wait! The last RC cruise I've been on was Enchantment 3 day Bahamas. The one gripe I had was the lack of restoration and it gave that old ship feel. I'm so happy that RC put some renovated ships on the Bahamas itinerary.
  13. Hey there, I often hear it is better to book cruises a year in advance since it is usually cheaper. Although after investigating this I am seeing rates almost double the price as similar 2019 last minute sailings! For instance, I just booked a 4 day Perfect day and Nassau cruise on Navigator of the seas for $750 after tax for 2 people from Sept 9-13th. The same sailing for 2020 is substantially higher! Where do the so called "good deals" exist?
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