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  1. With RC offering  125% obc for pre-cruise purchases on canceled sailing , I wanted to confirm whether or no TV OBC can be used for cruise planner perchases prior to boarding ( Ie: drink packages, excursions, ect.) And is it available to use right away?

  2. 57 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

    Your FCC will be issued by the cruise fare paid by each guest and not by cabin. You mentioned that you booked under KSF so that means your child just paid taxes and fees. You will likely not get back an FCC for the kids. Just for guests who paid a cruise fare.

    Nope kid was charged as 3rd guest, the cruises I'm looking at booking are KSF so if my kid is in the new cabin does it matter that he sales free or can can the credit be applied because he is listed in the new cabin 

  3. So unfortunately I am affected by the shutdown, royal has canceled my cruise. My question is, as I have tried to read up on how the FCC work, myself, my wife and my 15 month old child were all in one room, due to promotions and 3rd guest our individual fares were all differen. As I understand it the FCC get issues by guest not by cabin. With the promos running now( Kids sale free) I'm worried FCC may not be the best option, does FCC have to go towards the individual fare or just be in the cabin? Dont want to go that route and find out that my child's wont be able to be applied because of the kids sale free promotion. Sorry if this is confusing I'm trying to understand.

  4. The article doesn't mention if he updates quarterly or periodically, does he mean in the near future (2nd and 3rd quarters) and longer or short term so hard to get a feel for his intent or target audience. What is a bad Idea for 1 investor  can be a good idea for another, depending upon time horizon, risk tolerance and objectives.


    20 hours ago, BB1 said:

    I would also like to add, when smoking was banned from all the bars and restaurants in my town, the businesses all went ballistic. There was all of this gloom and doom about losing the coveted smoker's business and loss of revenue that would result. What actually happened was basically nothing. 

    when  land based Bars and restaurant that go non-smoking , weather by choice or law , the patrons still have the option to step outside to have a smoke. On a cruise no such option exists. If you ban it ship wide, until your at port guest would have to go "cold turkey", making sea day unbearable for some guests used to having multiple cigarettes a day .

    I don't see this happening  (banning smoking ship wide ) 15% is a small percentage of the whole but those are the ones you admit they smoke, I know some who identify as a non-smoker but will have quite a few when drinking is involved 

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