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  1. They are very accommodating at the bumper cars and the cars are for two people. There are pool lifts in the Solarium. The Atlantis tour with the dolphins swim there might be more ideal. We went to Blue Lagoon and I’m not sure if it’s 100% accessible. We did get on and off the tour boat in a wheelchair but there was a short walk to dolphin pool. Good Luck!!!
  2. Here are some pictures of my Son trying iFly. He is only 110lbs as well
  3. I have taken Anthem of the Seas twice with my Son who was 16 and the next year 17. He is physically and developementally handicapped and used a wheelchair while on the trip. We LOVED Anthem. He can walk but is challenged. One thing he did do twice was the iFly. You would not believe how accomadation they where. They lowered the fans and had two instuctors inside to assist him. It scared me at first but brought tears to my eyes to see him have so much fun. The bumper cars was a huge hit. He went on many times. The staff would wave us on to the front so he didn't wait in line for too long. He loved all the movie charactors who walk around. The North Star is accesible. He loved all the shows and I would agree the Gift is not the most enjoyable. The WindJammer is hard for us since we can't leave our Son and pushing a chair and holding plates is a challenge. Book the Solarium Bisto for dinner. Also go to the main dinning rooms for breakfast to take advantage of table service. There is soooo much to do and see on the ship that there is no need to watch ipad movie for entertainment. We didn't do Orlando excursions because of the length of time it takes to get there. It's too long on a bus. The Kennedy Space Centre was perfect. The first time we did Gator Land. AND you wouldn't believe they had a zip line there with a wheelchair set up. Our Son ziplined OMG!!! Bahamas we went to Blue Lagoon for the dolphin swim. He did walk a short distance there, but I can't remember if that was by choice. We also did a tour of Atlantis and that was great as well (all wheelchair accesible). I highly recomment Anthem!
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