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  1. Went to Nassau when i was on a Disney cruise, we walked to the straw market. I did not have a good time. I think my daughter would like Atlantis, at least the aquarium, so we'll probably go do that. I found exploring on our own at a strange port that i do not have a lot of fun. I went a bit overboard last time at Coco Cay and was in an overwater cabana. It was great but we didnt get a chance to see a lot of the other parts of the island. Can't wait to explore more (going to be a lot warmer too)
  2. Oasis, Jersey- Port Canaveral - Nassau - Coco Cay, Ultimate Panaramic Suite. Gonna be great because we can see the inlaws when we stop in Florida without them cruising with us this time... Not that it was a bad thing last time () Been to all 3 ports but plenty to see and do that we haven't done before.
  3. I'm on oasis in Sept. Staying in UPS, totally asking for a soft pretzel to see what happens. Thanks for the blog!
  4. Great info and about what I expected. Thanks! How are the pours at Chefs Table? I've had very mixed results with quantity and quality of pairings. This could be an ideal date night if we can actually talk our daughter into the kids club this time. One of my genie wishes will be to find another SC kid for ours to friend up with!
  5. I already read all of @betatke1480 blog... I'm totally asking for a soft pretzel to see what happens. While i have the attention of a few SC regulars here... I know this question has already been asked but instead of what's included, since it's a large list, what isn't included with SC?
  6. Thanks! Yeah it's all pretty new stuff, which i love being part of. I'll be sure to do a big room review in the liveblog. Not doing an over water cabana this time, figured actually seeing the rest of Cococay will be an experience in itself. Really excited to see all the little differences between oasis and harmony now that oasis is amped. Playmakers and lime and coconut please! Going to go back and reread some of yours and lovetos blogs to prep myself for the star class experience!
  7. Slightly disappointing to hear ... I'll have to look up that blog. Thanks! I'm sure! Sailing is Sep 20th.. 11 days after my wife's birthday, but she didn't want to go earlier / on her birthday because of school starting. I figured pulling my 9 year old out of school 2 weeks in will be fine though lol. I'm sure it's going to be a lot of recapping first couple weeks due to how school is running right now anyways.
  8. Thanks! We have received tons of local support and have been feeling the love!
  9. Yeah I'm excited. First time booking Star Class! For those that didn't follow along, i was just on Harmony in January for my 10 year wedding anniversary and did a live blog here it was a blast! That was our only other RCCL cruise and had a great time in our Sky Class Loft. Gotta say i was totally jealous watching those genies zip around for other groups. I knew i was going to book one just not this soon! Seeing some of these prices I just couldn't pass up the deal... seriously not even taking into account that i wont need flights this time its about half the cost of my last cruise and it's
  10. So Michelle at MEI was great. Took care of all of my complicated issues and I'm booked. Star class in 5 months!
  11. I knew it was gonna happen after my last cruise lol... I may have jinxed myself already, not sure they can transfer the reservation and move the sailing. I got a denial on the transfer saying it was over 60 days even though the invoice is dated 2/24/20. Maybe because i used that $200 anytime booking and it was Feb 2nd when i sailed? Really hope they can move some things around and make it work! The itinerary is identical to the cruise I already had booked next year so keeping them both is not ideal here.
  12. Thanks for this thread! I am working with this company now to change a booking i had for next year to this year! Also looks like I'll be doing my first STAR class cruise! Don't want to jinx it but i really hope i can get everything transferred smoothly.
  13. The cruise i was talking about is officially changed to 9 night Bermuda and Northeast when attempting to book. My wife is good with it except the rep i spoke to said it would be 100 a person to move. So not going to transfer. I might still book but I'll sit on it for now and hope it drops more.
  14. Well convincing the wife is my actual concern. I may be the boss at work... but at home... yeah. She won't think my idea of doing workbooks from the kids club is an acceptable tradeoff. Maybe if i remind her about deck 17...
  15. Living in Jersey i find that Maryland and Massachusetts are acceptable drives given the right deal.
  16. I should just say screw it and do the September Oasis one that i really want. If they can make us home school now no reason they cant give her some work books she can complete in the kids club while us parents have some fun!
  17. Maybe it's because i'm a triple? Preview shows 1299, once i click in (no guarantee option) suites starting at 1905. So 600 diff not 800... but still EDIT: That's why... no juniors once i go into suites
  18. I really miss deck 17 right now
  19. That one looks great until i actually get into it. The preview price for the suite is 800 less than once i click into it. I'll keep an eye on it though. The cruise that i was really interested was in September on Oasis. The crown loft price was amazing but my wife says its too close to the beginning of the school year and doesn't want to pull our daughter out considering how this years school year is ending. Too bad though, that sailing would have been on a milestone birthday for my wife.
  20. Well that kinda sucks, no wonder the price dropped hard. Better run that by the wife, she was excited for the Canadian stops. So an overnight stop? How does that work?
  21. So next question, pretty sure my current reservation is a balcony, the new one will be a suite and longer. Will my OBC adjust accordingly?
  22. Oh man that 60 day mark is only a couple days away for me. I'll send out an email to my RCCL rep... hope she is well and still has a job! Odd that the itinerary has changed and isnt updated on the website, looking at the booking now and it still says Canada. His is on Adventure leaving from Cape Liberty in June?
  23. Hi Guys! Been a while... Working in healthcare right now is nuts! Last night my wife looked at me and said, "Am i crazy for wanting to book a cruise right when this is over?" While my mind hasn't had a chance to process much besides work I instantly felt like i am ready for a vacation already. Now all i can think about, aside of work, is cruising again.. lol On my last cruise i took advantage of the Next Cruise program. I am currently booked for a cruise in Oct of 2021. I seem to remember that one of the perks is that i could change the sailing within a certain amount
  24. Correct. They brought all the food from the restaurant menu directly to the cabana. We were able to sub out a few items. They also brought me a chicken sandwich from the snack shack, not sure if that is typical though. Should be plenty of options for a picky eater. The "kids menu" had great items that teens would like too. I didnt get the picture of the appetizer tray or dessert tray, they were impressive too though.
  25. I booked a next cruise with the 200 deposit while on my last cruise this gives me the flexibility to look at a few options. I have a cruise picked out but I'm not sold on my room. If i book a lower class room now and decide to change my mind and go with a suite again will I automatically get the higher level on board credit or am i stuck with the lower credit?
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