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  1. 16 hours ago, Edmund said:

    I am on board with your comments.  Once free drinks for all in introduced, prices will go up.  Whether you are single, married, have kids, old or young, Royal has worked out something for all.  Ya,  you can call it mainstream generic cruising...but it works.  As I posted, I particularly enjoy the Casino Royale loyalty points program. Its the best of all cruise lines. But it was complicated at first. Took me 2 years to digest and go deep to figure it all out and gamble strategically to optimize all the perks., without going broke.  They recently made some great changes to the program that very few people know about.  You have to stay on top of it.

    Not to thread hijack but do you have some of those strategies written down somewhere or would be willing to share? I was platinum at MGM prior to my son being born this last year and since COVID we haven't been going to Vegas near as much but I could take that money over to casino Royal for the benefits.


    ETA and to stay on topic: My first cruise was on my honeymoon in 2019 on RC and I was hooked. Between the numerous options of activities and food, as well as being partnered with MGM I've received some great deals. Plus now that my wife and I have started a family I feel it's one of the best options to start building loyalty as cruising is one of the best options for a younger family with the adventure ocean program.

  2. Couldn't find one of these so far, so here we go ?. My wife and I will be taking our 13 month old (at the time of sailing), and my in-laws, and my sister in-law's fiance will be joining us! 

    I would love any suggestions on how to sail with a little one. We have already requested a pack-n-play/crib and high chair.

    This is my second cruise after our honeymoon's Mediterranean Greek Isles cruise, and I'm extremely excited! 

    Below is the link to the Facebook group (I am not an admin but found it was already established)


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