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  1. you know what... that's precisely why i'm upset because i kept a daily check on cruise planner. i bought 3 nights dining @ $121 without promotion. when the promotion was launched like yesterday, the only change was they added a "Pink - Up to 50% off" tag to the 3 nights dining option @ $121 which was obviously the same as before the promotion. and they have the cheek to state that 'the discount has been reflected in the pricing already' I'm in a marketing field and what pisses people is when they don't mean what they say. if you do a marketing sales promotion, be serious and mea
  2. This is getting frustrating even as a loyal cruiser. you guys decide for yourself how shitty this promotion is; "BOGO 2 night dining option for Quantum was offered for $58+" this was took down and replaced by; "Chops + 1 night dining @ $102" It's like Royal Caribbean is telling us - "Hey fellow cruisers, pls buy the same stuff but pay almost double the price & thank you for being stupid" What a bad decision by them!
  3. Hi, any cruisers onboard spectrum yet? i thought its first sail date is 18th April from Barcelona to Dubai? howcome no one post any photos or vlog yet
  4. Currently 3 upcoming... 25th May - Spectrum (9 nights) 30th Nov - Quantum (5 nights) 13th March - Quantum (5 nights) Most excited for Spectrum
  5. Hi fellow cruisers, I have been following up closely on the cruise planner dining offers and it seems like there is no BOGO (Buy One Get One) or FNDR (First Night Done Right). there is also no mention of any new specialty offers like Silk, Wonderland, etc curious as to why there wasn't any water slides feature on this. all new recently furnished ships got it. By the way, if anyone's interested to join us for the mud bath experience in Nha Trang, we can discuss further as my wife is Vietnamese hence easier to communicate. At least you won't be "chopped by tourists pricing"
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