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  1. I'm beginning to wonder if you work for Royal Caribbean. Clearly, I didn't know these things and again I don't think it was unreasonable to expect a guest departure officer to direct me to the right person. Nor do I think it unreasonable for RC to have ticketed my flights correctly in the first place and to have provided meal vouchers. Anyway, my purpose in writing in this blog was to warn other passengers like me who only cruise occasionally and do not know these things. I've hopefully succeeded in providing that warning. Enough said. I'm done with this message board and done with RC.
  2. And how was I to know that? And how was I to make that phone call without incurring exorbitant fees from my phone carrier since I was out of the country at the time? If what you say is true, then guest services should have informed me of that and should have facilitated that phone call!! Plus, the title of the person I was dealing with at that guest services desk was "guest departure officer." I think any reasonable person would have assumed as I did that she could have helped me. And, even if I had gotten the information that I wanted promptly, I assume that I still would have ended up in Orlando without any tickets. Someone at RC made a mistake and reserved our party of four but failed to ticket our party of four. I am a reasonably savvy traveler and it was scary being told by the first Delta ticket agent: "Sorry, I don't know how to help you. You don't have tickets." Thankfully, I went to another Delta ticket agent who helped me get an emergency number for RC. And, had we not gotten to the Orlando airport more than 2 hours before the flight for which we thought we had tickets, we would have been in more difficulties. As it was, we had to run to the United ticket counter to get our boarding passes and check our luggage, wait through security lines and then we had to run to the gate. Thank goodness that all four of us are physically capable of running. So, no, to say that I could have resolved this by calling air2 sea may be true but doesn't absolve RC of this.
  3. We had the air2sea package so when American cancelled one of our flights home, I expected Royal Caribbean to help. Isn't the air2sea package supposed to make it easier? Not so. Guest services sent a cryptic letter that included the flight numbers and times but didn't even mention what airline. It also clearly put us overnight in Orlando but didn't mention any accommodations. I felt those were reasonable questions to ask at guest services (on Freedom of the Seas). I felt like I was treated as if I had no right to ask. Long story short, we did get a hotel but no meal vouchers (the hotel clerk told me if we had been on Carnival, we would have gotten meal vouchers). But RC failed to ticket our second flight out of Orlando. We were left stranded at the airport with no tickets! Thankfully, a Delta ticket agent was kind enough to help me find an emergency number for RC and after 20 minutes on hold, we got tickets on another flight but had an extremely stressful scramble to get the boarding passes and through security in time. Honestly, this was a bad enough experience that I won't be going with RC again.
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