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  1. Yup, I think so too. Just throwing a different experiences in the pot than the others for variety 😉 I should note that I had an excellent experience with near every staff I interacted with in the MDR.
  2. I just came off of Spectrum of the Seas today. It was open on my cruise (18-21st).
  3. Just to throw in a different anecdote, I just came off of Spectrum of the Seas and had MTD. Fully booked ship. Did not get the same table at any of the times we at the MDR. We did reservations for MTD the day before the day of the dinner we were booking for. Available times were generally on the earlier or later part of the schedules.
  4. Is theft a huge concern with electronics in the cabin?
  5. Singapore. Alright. Just trying to find out if RCI normally charges people for changing the names on their their bookings, so I know if I'm dealing with Royal or just the TA's fees.
  6. Hey guys, I need some advice: I'm booked on Spectrum of the Seas in May (yay!), but I need to get RCI to change the name on my reservation because I've updated my name legally. I called my local travel agent (we booked with them during a travel convention), and was informed that to make a name change I would have to pay a bunch of money as a "penalty fee". Is this normal?
  7. Right, so once the people higher up on the priority line is done boarding, they'll just do first-come-first-serve for everyone else? No deck, groupings or anything? I'm going on Spectrum this coming May. It'll be my first cruise in more than a decade and my first on RCI. Just a lowly pre-gold with a balcony, so no priority whatsoever.
  8. Does the board early or whenever thing apply if you don't have The Key or Suite? I thought priority early boarding was one of the advantages of buying into those.
  9. Its just simpler and more efficient for a line to focus on their target demographic, which is why you see most cruise lines, or in fact most attraction industry companies, tend to stay in their lanes. All the marketing money is poured towards getting the target demo to look into their product over others, not to mention the millions in R&D and license purchases. Those who really want the sort of experience you describe simply don't look at RC for their needs, and so it doesn't quite make sense for them to spend the massive investment that is an Oasis-class on targeting a demographic that isn't part of their marketing strategy.
  10. I feel like I'm missing something here, is there something special about YETIs?
  11. I see! Good info. I might have to call in for my folks pretty soon.
  12. I assume you call before booking and paying on the Cruise Planner and they'll make it magically appear there? How do you pay for it then, since you don't go through the Planner's checkout process?
  13. Wow. Are you aware RCI is already charging you 18% tips automatically in both cruise booking to spread around the ship and as well as nearly anything you pay with your SeaPass, such as drinks at the bar?
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