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  1. Thanks and glad you are enjoying my videos as that's why I posted them for people to hopefully enjoy! Formal nights were: (If I'm remembering them right. And I'd recommend you contact RCCL and ask them for what nights are formal as each trip differs on dates of formal nights.) 1. Cannes France (This was Cruise Day #2 of the Cruise which is titled #Day 10 of the videos) 2. Sea Day (This was Cruise Day #8 of the Cruise which is titled Day #17 & 18 of the videos) 3. I might have some cruise compasses saved but I'm on travel for work right now so it will be this weeken
  2. I don't remember being offered the drink card. We never buy a drink package as we're not big drinkers and we carry on two bottles of wine ont to the ship to enjoy at dinner then buy drinks here and there but our bar tab is always less money than the drink package. I believe you can buy individual bottled water on the ship before you exit and have it added to your room. They usually have some available before you exit. Then we just bought some bottles on our way to places like Florence when our bus stopped at a convenience store and again there's usually vendors selling sealed cold bottle w
  3. In all the museums and churches, etc., we took in disposable water bottles that we bought in the towns and didn't have any problems. I didn't see many places to refill water bottles but there were plenty of vendors selling cold water in disposable water bottles outside on the streets.
  4. @tiny260 That's a great pic and fantastic the Italian women took care of your wife! The Italian people were very friendly when we visited too! I would like to go back to Italy again!
  5. Wow that is great you got to stay in a Grand suite. So far we've on'y stayed in inside rooms. At the time of the flooding we too were told that all the rooms were full but we weren't diamond members yet so that is good to know that they have a Diamond Concierge! Thanks for the tip! I need to read what all we get as Diamond members! Interestingly the day of the flooding since they woke me up at 4:00AM I went to the gym and worked out hard for 2 hours then walked around Santorini on the Marble reflecting the hot sun and all day I held a heavy tripod and camera gear in my hand and didn't
  6. Oh man I wish we had your great tour information when we toured Barcelona as that sounds WAY better than our hop on hop off big bus tour we took! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Sorry to hear your room flooded! Other than waking me up at 4:00AM it wasn't too bad as we were visiting Santorini that day so they had all the carpets ripped out of the flooded rooms and hallways by the time we got back from touring Santorini. They did have to run big fans to dry everything out for a couple of days which was a bit annoying but understandable and yes they gave us some future cruise credits which we used to go to the Bahamas so they made it right and it's understandable that things like this happen from time to time.
  8. Thanks DRLLP! Good to know that October is better as I'd like to take another European cruise in the future. Anybody out there go any other months on the Med cruise and want to share about how the weather was on your trip?
  9. mom2mybugs yes we stayed in an airbnb in Barcelona but I'm not sure I would stay there again as it was ok but a bit further out from downtown than I wanted to be. I can't remember the neighborhood it was in but it was a fairly decent neighborhood across the street for a nice big shopping mall. We did like the bus tour but it was very hot and streets were very crowded. The bus tour gives you an audio guide via ear buds but I prefer having a live human tour guide but I'm not sure if those are offered there or not but I would recommend you do some research or ask around as there might be a
  10. mom2mybugs thanks have a great time! Make sure you use lots of sunblock, drink lots of water and find some shade to take rest breaks.
  11. Hi it was Vision of the Seas. It was not a huge ship but big enough for us to enjoy it and not feel like there were too many people.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm a multiple time Royal Carribean (RCCL) cruiser here (we love RCCL) and I thought I'd share that I took my family of 7 (80 yr old in laws, wife and 3 teenagers) in July 2018 on a Mediterranean cruise with RCCL and it was a great cruise with only one problem that our three sleeping cabins got flooded one day at 4:00 am when a pipe burst in the hallway. However, RCCL gave us all a fair cruise credit for the inconvenience and overall we still had a great time. We drove from Portland Oregon to San Jose, CA flew to London England where we spent a couple days in London and
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