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  1. Please see @OrlandoC post above. This case is often used as an example of extreme litigiousness in the USA, but if you actual read the details of the case, McDonald's was absolutely negligent. I seriously mean no disrespect to you, but in today's world, facts matter, and I hope your opinion may change once fully educated on the situation.
  2. Hey I'm on the same sailing! From what I've heard, if we're at higher speed, we may feel a bit of a rattle/shake, but that's why they adjust our itinerary. As far as I'm concerned for our sailing, it's a non-issue and business as usual. Sucks if it's a total port change though. Sorry to those that are dealing with that.
  3. I'm on Allure next month with the DDP for me and the refreshment for the wife. Price on the refreshment just dropped today for us, so it's only $10 more than the soda package. Maybe review prices today - there shouldn't be a $20/day difference between soda and refreshment package.
  4. I've got it booked just for me and not my wife, so unfortunately I've got to call and change it manually. Wish they didn't have that "every person in the room" rule.
  5. Realized I wasn't properly logged in when I was trying to PM. My bad. I've got it figured out now.
  6. @JohnK6404 and @Hoski the deluxe drink package has dropped to $45/day. Even though the agent thought I was nuts, I just called and cancelled mine and rebooked to save $1/day! Just figured I'd send over an FYI since I can't figure out how to PM on here.
  7. If you're not in front of a screen, you can call and they can do it over the phone. Just did mine and saved $50/person.
  8. Was on cruise planner checking beverage package pricing and decided to review our shore excursions as well. Turns out one of our excursions has gone down $50/person! Was able to call and rebook at the lower price like usual. Looked like a lot of the excursions for our May Allure sailing have gone a bit. Make sure you check all your prices and hunt the best deals, even after you book!
  9. I went on Harmony with our 18 month old last year and it was a breeze. Meal time was a little tough and it took a little planning but it was great. Contrary to opinion, I would recommend an interior balcony room if they have one. We could let him watch the people on the boardwalk and he entertained himself. Splash pad was great too and he loved it.
  10. @Matt @WAAAYTOOO @twangster as always, the speed and quality of your feedback is very much appreciated! You've put my fears to rest! Actually looking forward to experiencing a little extra room for our little guy to run around while we're getting ready in the room. Those of you on the departure tomorrow, enjoy your time on the water!
  11. We have a forward facing cabin on our upcoming Allure sailing. There are great videos on these rooms (ones with big slanted windows), but there is a concern I've heard that I'm worried about - some say these rooms get ridiculously hot. Anyone have personal experience with this?
  12. @Hoski indeed! Let's get a RCB Jello shot party going with @JohnK6404 one sailing day! haha
  13. @StormHunter we took our 18 month old last summer on Harmony and had no issues whatsoever. Very family friendly and he was by far not the youngest one playing in the splash zone.
  14. Someone in my party stayed in a junior suite just down the hall at the beginning of the other hump. It wasn't a significant increase in size, but it definitely was noticeable. Always nice to have a little extra space.
  15. My wife and son are both gluten intolerant. RCL is probably one of the best vacation options for someone with a gluten intolerance. Like Disney, they have a lot of GF options, they just might not be readily in the open - don't be afraid to ask wait staff or store clerks. Sorrento's even has GF pizza as an option (disclaimer: they bake it fresh every time so it takes longer).
  16. You'll be amazed at how few crowds there are. Certainly there are things that most will be doing at the same time - eating at the windjammer at noon, trying to find a pool deck chair around 11am - but RC has an uncanny ability to make it feel like there aren't more than a couple hundred people on board. Of the things to be worried about for your first cruise experience, this is pretty low on the list. Just relax and have a great time!
  17. Wait, this was actually a thing??
  18. November 2020 Oasis has a Ft Lauderdale, At sea, Labadee, at sea, Ft Lauderdale. Been wanting something like that for a while now. Ideally I'd love this itinerary: Day 1: Port Canaveral Day 2: At sea Day 3: At sea Day 4: At sea Day 5: Port Canaveral They're really missing out on marketing a "Cruise to Nowhere!" opportunity
  19. We've always brought on a travel steamer. Legit didn't know steamers aren't allowed per their policy on the website. Last time they thought our steamer was an iron so we would up in the naughty room where they tried to confiscate it. Once they realized it was a steamer, they gave it back to us with no questions.
  20. Haha, point taken. Thanks for the insight. Sort of like people who play in the casino to rack up enough points for a cruise. Most likely you're not going to come out a winner in that game!
  21. I'm sorry if I'm a bit dense on this one as I'm new to the cruise forum world. I would like to avoid this other place. Are we talking about the CRUISE site with all the CRITICS on it?
  22. I was having the same issue.... Try clearing your cache/cookies, try a private/incognito window, or try a new browser. I called to book and apparently I had something in my cart causing an error. It was a five minute hold, but I would recommend calling since it seems prices have dropped on a lot recently.
  23. Made a quick 20% on the price disparity before the new year until now. Realized the gain, but didn't realize there were shareholder benefits I could use on board... May have to move on a more long-term position.
  24. I'm on the same sailing. Booked last week for $49, cancelling and repurchasing now. On hold with them since cruise planner is messed up on all browsers right now. Hope I didn't miss a better deal!
  25. May 19 2019 - Allure of the Seas November 4 2020 - Oasis of the Seas
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