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  1. Ok, yeah I'll find something to do in Miami but just having bags with us was the only problem. Ok Leisurely get off the ship at 930.
  2. Hi. I'll be going a navigator of the seas in October. When the cruise is over my flight isn't until 930pm at Ft. Lauderdale airport. What's the latest you can get off a ship leisurely before they kick you off? Just curious this is my first cruise so I'm not aware of the disembarkation process. Please let me know. Thank You Michael
  3. Hi. Are an dining areas included with your cruise on cococay? If you purchase the thrill park pass does is other dining included with that as well? Just confusing what is included and not or all on cococay. Let me know. Thank You, Michael
  4. I can't understand how many people need that many plugs. I'm there for a vacation not to stare at a tablet or laptop
  5. appropriate is whatever you can afford to give in my opinion.
  6. Hi. I searched on RC website and they said it's possible to set up a cash account instead of linking a credit card to your seapass card? Has anyone tried this? Is their a minimum you need to add to the account? I just figure its a way to limit my spending on a first time cruise. Let me know. Thank You, Michael
  7. Hi. does anyone know if there is wifi on coco cay? I realize why would I need to use my phone there but wanted to know if there was wifi to get into contact with people if we get separated there. Thanks,
  8. Hi. It will be my first time in Nassau Bahamas in October also first cruise. What was your most memorable tour in Nassau? I was looking at the essential Bahamas or Land and Sea tour. Let me know if you experienced any of these. Thank You,
  9. Hi. What tour was most memorable to you on Nassau? Going on my first cruise in October and was looking at the Essentials Nassau tour or Land and Sea tour. They seem really similar with the essential tour obviously not having a boat portion. Or would you suggest a different tour? Let me know. Thanks
  10. My cruise is out of Port of Miami. I'm hoping for a sale on SW because American airlines legroom/service is terrible.
  11. It's basically a front of the lines pass with internet. If you don't care about lines it won't be worth it to you. Also, watch this video it helped me.
  12. Haha well I've never been to South Florida at all. You do sound really negative. I live in a suburb of Chicago but still find Chicago interesting to visit for different things. I was interested in exploring Little Havana. Basically I'm just looking for good food or seeing scenic things like landmarks.
  13. Hi. I'm going on a cruise in October but not sure if I'm flying in to fort Lauderdale or Miami. I know there are things to see in Miami but is there anything to explore in the Ft Lauderdale area. I'll probably have some time when I return from the cruise on a Friday because I plan on flying back at night. Let me know. Thanks
  14. Their is no right amount. Do what you feel comfortable with or afford. Everybody's budget is different.
  15. Hi. I know the advice is to buy something if you see it on the cruise planner. My question how is the process of refunding and re buying something if the price happens? Just simply call RC and they take care of rest? Please advise. Thank You,
  16. Do you know if you can just purchase the drink package for a day or two while on board? I don't think it's worth it for the entire cruise.
  17. Hi. Are all cruise port terminals the same experience? Some better than other than others with more organization or friendlier service or scenery? Just wondering what your experiences have been like. Does Port Canaveral compare to Port of Miami? Let me know. Thank You,
  18. Hi. If you get a drink package does everyone in the cabin have to get it? I'm going with my girlfriend in October just wondering because she does drink more than I do. Also, if separate people have the drink package wouldn't it be possible for her to get me a drink and than get another. Please advise. Thanks,
  19. Ok, yeah I'm going on a 4 night cruise so my girlfriend and I will just have a backpack and small carry on. Thanks for everyone's responses
  20. Hi. Going on my first cruise in October 2019. Are allowed to bring your bags on the ship yourself? Will I be stopped from doing so? Just wondering since I know bags just show up in the room but wonder if I can do it myself. Thank you
  21. Hi. I found this video to be useful when considering the key. It's basically a front of the line pass with internet.
  22. Hi. Anyone been on the new Navigator of the Seas. Wondering what the outlet situation is for an interior room. Only one in the bathroom? USA compatable? Let me know. Thank You,
  23. Hi. What are your free options for food late night after 11pm? Are there any or is it just paid options at that time? I will be cruising on Navigator of the Seas in October 2019. Thank You,
  24. Hi. Can someone explain travel insurance to me? I've never purchased it for a trip before just wanted to know how it works. Also, I wasn't asked when I booked my cruise so can it still be added. Can you add it anytime with any company? Please advise. Thank You,
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