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  1. Hello. I’ve only been on 1 cruise but never bought the drink package? Do you tip still with the drink package? I know its optional but wanted to know what other people do. Thank You Michael
  2. I wonder if RC has gone over the idea of just opening the ships up as a resort hotel that doesn’t cruise anywhere not sure if that falls under CDC guidelines. I’d be interested in that idea. Just a thought.
  3. Hi. Going on my first cruise next monday on Navigator! Are dress shoes required in the main dining room? Or is it just for formal night. Rather not just bring dress shoes for just 1 night. Let me know. thank you
  4. Hi. I plan on renting a car from Miami airport after my cruise next month on Navigator of the Seas. Does anyone know if the tolls exiting the airport are electronic only or if there is a cash lane. Please let me know. Thank you, Michael
  5. Hello. Going on my first cruise in October on Navigator of the Seas. I already prepaid gratuities and excursions. I only plan to by drinks on board. Are there any hidden fees or surcharges RC adds at the end of the cruise I should look out for on the final invoice. Let me know. Thank You, Michael
  6. Hello. Does anyone know the price range a bottle of wine is on board? Is it only high end wines available? I know you can bring wine on but I'll be arriving same day so not sure I'll have the time to stop at a store or want to pay the prices at the airport. Let me know. Thank You, Michael
  7. Hello. I'm going on my first cruise in October for 4 nights on Navigator of the Seas. It's a short cruise compared to others. What is your advice for making the most out of my 4 night cruise? Let me know. Thank You, Mike
  8. I've been researching and the car rentals closest to port are generally higher priced than those at the airport. Maybe 10-15 dollars more. I'm going with Alamo but I've used Budget in another city.
  9. I feel like the popularity has gone down since it's intial rise from when it was released. It disappeared and reappeared for my cruise in October 2019.
  10. I was looking to do a fan boat tour and maybe stop somewhere for lunch after that.
  11. Yeah we'll both have a backpack and small carry on probably.
  12. Hi. I'll be going on my first cruise out of Miami in October. I get back on a Friday and my flight isn't until 930 pm at Fort Lauderdale airport. So I know I will have some time to explore. Would you suggest renting a car for the day or to uber/lyft everywhere? I've heard the traffic is really bad in Miami just want to know what people who frequent Miami or who live there would do? Thanks Michael
  13. Thanks for asking I had the same question. I didn't know if it was like the drink package.
  14. Hello. I selected the option to we pick your room on the Royal Caribbean website. My cruise is 84 days. Will I not know cabin until day of cruise? Let me know. Thank You, Michael
  15. Hi. Is there any benefit to booking your next cruise on board the current cruise? Has anyone done this and it ended up being a better price? Or is it just on board credit is the only benefit to booking next cruise on your current cruise. Let me know. Thank You, Michael
  16. Hello. I'm going on my first cruise in October. I'll be going with my girlfriend so I'm just wondering where do you put your stuff while your in the pool or in the water? I know big groups usually have a person to look after things but it will just be the two of us. I can leave valuables like phone in the room but what do you do with your seapass card while in the water? Not sure if I'm being super paranoid or not but do you just leave it in a bag on a chair or is it always with you? Let me know what you do. Thank You, Michael
  17. Hello. Is there a difference between Voom and Voom and Stream? Do they cap the data on the regular Voom? I'll probably just use it for emails but I wonder if anyone has tried both and if there is a real difference. Please let me know. Thank You, Michael
  18. Hello. Going on my first cruise in October. #Navigatoroftheseas What is your best tip for not overspending? Let me know Thank You, Michael
  19. Hi. I'm going on my first cruise in October on Navigator of the Seas. Does everyone get some cruise credit? I booked directly on the Royal Caribbean site but it didn't mention any cruise credit when I booked. Just curious if I might get $20 in cruise credit or not to expect anything. Let me know. Thank You, Michael
  20. doesn't hurt to ask the question
  21. It's in october of this year but it has a lists of ships that it's not available for I'm on Navigator.
  22. Yeah I looked at this but not available on my ship which is lame.
  23. yeah looking for other liquor but not wine.
  24. Hi. I know if you purchase alcohol from a store on board the ship they don't give it to you until after the cruise. Has anyone ever asked if they could buy a bottle from any of the bars? I just think the drink package is way overpriced even with buy one get one half off. Even if I paid a lot for the bottle I don't think I need to get a drink package. Let me know if you have tried this and been successful. Thanks Michael
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