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  1. Hi there... We're from Manchester UK and very much looking forward to our first ever cruise! We're sailing from Singapore on February 16th 2023 on board Spectrum of the Seas, the 4N5D to Penang and Phuket.. Anyone else looking forward to this one too?
  2. Thanks everyone for the infos... We can't wait for our first cruise experience and the drinks package will give us the impetus to explore the ship's facilities to the fullest!
  3. Yep, it's definitely the novelty value, but, you never know, I may just discover a cocktail blend which suits me down to the ground!!
  4. awww... I'm probably getting caught up in the excitement of our first ever cruise I've no doubt the novelty will wear off after my first drink! Plenty more to keep us interested on the cruise I'm sure Cheers!
  5. I'm with you on that one - I think? Maybe it's the geek in me who wants to give it a try...
  6. Thanks KristiZ, that's great info... Let's hope things haven't changed too much!!
  7. Hi all.. we're booking on Spectrum of the Seas for February 2023 and will be buying the full drinks package.. I'm trying to confirm if this includes drinks from Leaf & Bean and the Bionic Bar... the wording I've found so far is a bit non committal... Very much looking forward to our trip
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