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  1. We will sail for the first time on RC next year .... is the main dining room food a good variety? I really don't want to buy a dining package as it is a short cruise. Is there any seafood available on the free dining plans.
  2. I have never used one on our previous cruises either....but I was curious about RCL Thanks
  3. Thanks everyone for such great advice. The cpap info was especially helpful as I always forget about that. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I will read the links you all provided! Happy sailing!!
  4. My husband and I will be sailing next May on the Mariner of the Sea. It will be our first RCL but not our first cruise. We appreciate all tips and pointers. My main questions are: does everyone get a lanyard? how does the dining work? Anything we need to bring or not bring? thanks!
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