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  1. Okay...when I say "fashion-friendly" I mean it. I've yet to find a convenient way to carry around my SeaPass that doesn't involve lanyards, pockets or wristlet purses. Does anybody have any clever ideas that won't ruin any of my outfits and doesn't require pockets?! Help a girl out!! ?
  2. I need to hit the books a little I think...but my excuse is I've only been "here" for like...20 minutes? ?
  3. Hi everyone! I'm Ashley. Excited to be here! A bit about me... I'm a twin! (I haven't convinced her to cruise just yet...) I'm 24 and consider myself a quintessential millennial (tons of student loan debt to prove it!) I live in Richmond, Virginia and love all of the history and good food that surrounds me. Disney World is my first love and I took my first cruise to break up my Disney vacations. So glad I branched out! I love everything to do with fashion. Excited to get to know y'all!
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