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  1. You're talking to a guy who starts his search for a cruise with "Is the royal available" and then decides if he's willing to work down the category list or just change the date. We all have our vices.
  2. Booking a suite now.....means double, double points. so 4 points per night sailed....can't go wrong with that either ?
  3. You have a year...well 9 months.....when they do the L&S as I understand, they just book the next cruise (to secure the room) then they have manual back office reconciliation to get it back to the price you paid. If you don't see it updated after a couple weeks, that is when I would call....and the hold times will also have died down by then.
  4. I knew my July 31st on Oasis wasn't going to sail MONTHS ago. I didn't need royal to tell me that, it was obvious, so I used the programs that Royal made available and shifted it to Adventure in early August (and saved money even with airfare). I know my 2nd week of August cruise to Alaska from Vancouver wasn't going to sail MONTHS ago. I didn't need royal to tell me that, it was obvious, so I used the programs that Royal made available and moved it 2022 (which is the second time I moved it since it was originally a 2020 cruise). I looked at the landscape and made a decision using imperfect information and optimized my outcomes using the tools I had available. You could have moved your July 1 cruise pretty much at anytime but decided to wait for RCCL to make the decisions for you. I feel your pain, I do, however, Royal sailing in US is at the mercy of the US Gov bureaucrats....who do nothing fast. But once a decision gets made, Royal as a business needed to be a position to capitalize as quickly as possible and turn on a dime.....if they had cancelled all of July earlier, then they wouldn't have any cruises in place to use as test cruises now that they have a pseudo green light to start. Classic Monty Hall conundrum ?
  5. That is the only assumption I can walk away with.
  6. And no way to get from cruisingpower to choiceair. Hence why I started the thread. It really is weird how HARD they make it to find the website for self service air through their program.
  7. Guess I had the wrong website......impossible to find.....I just called and took care of it the old fashion way......by talking to someone ?
  8. I just used it a couple months ago when I switched from an Oasis out of NJ to Adventure out of Nassua.....now I can't seem to find a website that lets me interact with them and enter a booking number and start planning air travel? Cruisingpower is looking for agent log in and no longer appears to be consumer oriented
  9. How upsetting is that....I have 2 tier benefit free cruises good to 3/31/21.....there has been no cruising for 18 months at this point and I wanted to use one for April 9, 2021....sorry.....no good....cruise not only has to be booked by 3/31/21 it has to have sailed by 3/31/21 in order for you to use this free cruise benefit.
  10. I've been looking forward to sailing restart for almost as long as sailing has been on hold ;). I've cancelled or moved 4 cruises (I know not as many as others).....patiently waiting for our August out of Nassua to get back into the swing.....then I noticed....I have a 367 day gap in my cruise planner before my next planned (and already paid for cruise) which is an alaska sailing that has moved twice.....so I just booked us on a Christmas 2021 sailing.....things are starting to feel almost normal again........
  11. Pretty funny useless anyway. I looked it up....can't take my 2 kids with me unless I want to book to rooms. I always book a very specific room and it isn't cheap.....infact....if I was willing to not sail the way I like to sail and book 2 rooms so my family of 4 can go together...it would be cheaper for me........its all just silly and stupid at this point....but at least they are going to start sailing and the stock is shining because of it.
  12. You don't need to wait....I was able to call them weeks ago and just moved off Oasis in late July to Adventure first week of August. I even got a refund since Adventure was cheaper and it covered the cost of the airfare
  13. Yeah they bill it as a 4 hour tour.....with ruins and a beach day so seemed to be hinting it isn't a 'big' deal for ruins....but maybe the kids will like it
  14. To be clear....there is no mainland tour being offered at this time on the cruise we are on....just the local to Cozumel tour. Hence my question....is it really worth it...or is it 40 sq feet of stones with a tourist trap built on top of it. ?
  15. Is the RC offer tour to Mayan ruins any good? It sounded like it was 'fake' ruins when I read the description and the only tours offered at this time are RC tours........
  16. I hope the 'only rc excursions' is proven silly and lifted by August......I want to fishing the day we pull in Grand Bahama ?
  17. Sough reach had better view last time I was there. We are going in August....since we are there for 2 days we are doing over water one day and water pack the second day
  18. Since we change our cruise from Oasis out of Cape Liberty in late July to Adventure out of Nassau in early August we needed flights. So I decide to try Air2Sea.....man that was not very as easy as it should have been (or my expectations/way of doing things make it waaay harder). We 'shifted' a fully paid off cruise.....which means Adventure is fully paid for and RC was going to issue refund for the difference. At the same time I added a 5th person. And because of 'reasons' RC could not apply the refund to this new person because it is a different reservation number *even though staying in same room. So I had given a $1000 depo. and planned to pay off prior to 90 day. So then I use air2sea website, pick out tickets, click buy/checkout, get email confirmations. It never asked me for credit info so I assume RC has it on file. Check in AA a couple days later to pick seats and it says "tickets not issued, call booking"...so I call AA....wait on hold for 1.5 hours to get a person....they say "Not us, you need to call royal" So call Royal...."we don't issue tickets until late June"....so I'm like "Well how am I guaranteed my seats then? and how are they paid for you never asked for a CC, I thought there was payment problem?"....oh no all the seats are completely paid for....for 4 of you....but the 5th one isn't paid for yet..... So the only thing that makes sense is Royal paid for the airfare out of the refund the owe me for the moved cruise and for my 5th passenger, they added the airfare cost to the final payment amount that was still due....all without clearly explaining of it. SIGH.
  19. Yes it would.....especially since they aren't sailing full fleet yet.
  20. Can't wait to see who the concierge is then ?
  21. Star class? Have they started offering this amenity on this ship yet?
  22. You know I asked the club royale rep when I was booking if Royal had a 'canned' form and he was like 'no'
  23. We are going to have a lot of firsts....first time flying as a family internationally (we have flown before though) and we are also taking my son's good friend with us. He has a passport (14 yrs old) but it isn't clear what if any other documents we might need to take with us since we do not have same last name)
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