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  1. It is about two weeks before our next cruise.

    I have downloaded Royal App onto my iPhone and can see a lot of activities there.

    However, I don't see any description whether they are free or not.

    How can we judge on Royal App that they are not charged?

  2. I am planning to attend a shore excursion that include snorkeling.

    In the activity,  can I  rent a Mask for near sightedness ?

    Or, can I do snorkeling with my glasses for near sightedness?

    If both cannot be archived, I have to forgive snorkeling because I cannot enjoy beautiful sightseeing in the sea.


  3. 8 hours ago, ThyriC said:

    One of my tips is if you do specialty dining, half the portion you're given and ask them for a to-go box immediately.  Out of sight out of mouth!  Or ask for a child's portion.  That way you can still enjoy all of the wonderful tastes and not feel deprived when there are amazing smells wafting around, but still keep to your goals.  

    Drink at least 2 glasses of water before food goes into your mouth.  Helps to fill up your stomach.  Veggies first, then protein, then starch, then fats.  Ask for a double helping of veggies!  More veggies on the plate, the less deprived you feel.  

    Dessert options stick to sorbets and fruit.  You can also ask for a sugar free option as well.  They'll definitely have these for diabetics.  And they do help with feelings of deprivation.  If everyone at your table is snarfing down cake, and you're sitting there with folded hands sipping away on water.... that's a fast track to binge eating later.  

    The biggest thing with the food, fill up on hearty fibrous veggies like broccoli, spinach, etc.  Lettuce isnt going to fill you up and make you feel satisfied in the long run.  Not to mention there's a lot of temptation on that salad bar.  Dressings, bacon, eggs, legumes... they all taste wonderful but they're calorie killers on the salad bar.  Tell them to remove the bread basket from the table.  Out of sight, out of mouth!  

    Big thing for me and dieting is not feeling deprived of food.  It sure sounds easy just to eat less, but when you're in a high temptation environment like a cruise, just eating less is an unrealistic expectation.  Salad is wonderful dont get me wrong, but its not going to fill you up unless you have those hunger busting fibrous veggies in the salad.  They help fill you up and help you stay full!


    Now, for the exercising.  Walk everywhere.  The elevator is your friend only when carrying your luggage.  Otherwise, stairs all the way.  Do the dance lessons onboard.  They help keep you moving!  At the pool, jump on in and play!  I think as adults we've really neglected the power of play.  Play keeps us active so let loose!  Feel free to enroll in a spinning class if your fitness level is up to spinning.  Aerobics classes, free weights, machines galore.  Hop on the treadmill or elliptical and enjoy the amazing views.  You'll completely forget that you're exercising when enjoying such amazing views.  


    Now for the overall health.  Get good rest.  Easier said than done when you're excited on your cruise!  But remember, healthy mind healthy body!  Reward yourself with a massage or facial or other spa treatment.  Sticking to a diet on a cruise is hard work!  So have that reward massage!


    > and ask them for a to-go box immediately. 

    Good idea!

  4. 54 minutes ago, L454S said:

    Agree with above about using the stairs as much as you can. We do 3 miles every morning before breakfast just walking.

    Even with doing this, we still gain some weight. Just trying to gain as little as possible.

    GGGreat! 3 miles!

  5. We have never experienced a cruise which will last more than a week.

    So my wife is wondering how she can lose weight during the cruise.

    In addition, there is a temptation that a tons of restaurants are available which offer complementary foods.


    Please tell us your idea to lose weight on board!:27_sunglasses:


  6. 8 minutes ago, rtread said:

    They will bring ice to you! Just call room service....or set it up with stateroom attendant on Day 1 to bring you ice every day. They will do it!

    Thank you for your useful answer!

    However, I am afraid that I may give them a tip when I ask them.

    That is why I am investigating how to get ice pieces by myself.

    Do you know? 

  7. 10 minutes ago, rtread said:

    Hello! I bought this mug (coffee cup size) on Rhapsody of the Seas a few years ago. Can't remember cost but I'm sure it wasn't a lot as I was on a low budget cruise. I hope to buy one like it on upcoming Liberty of the Seas cruise.....so I am interested too. Hope you enjoy your cruise! I bet it's a standard item in souvenir shops on RC ships.




    It is so beautiful!

  8. 6 hours ago, melski94 said:

    My MTD on HOTS experience was that dinner took 1 hour and 7 of us were at a table.  It is possible but not guaranteed.  You'll need to tell your wait staff and possibly skip dessert as they will start opening the comedy show to standby 10 minutes prior to the show.  Is it possible to change your reservation to 7:15 just for that night?

    Thank you.

     I couldn’t find an entry for 7:15 nor 7:00 on the day.

     I will ask the waiter.

  9. 32 minutes ago, SpeedNoodles said:

    I sailed solo on Mariner with My Time Dining and was always out in 45-60 minutes. I found MTD to be less relaxed than I remember traditional dining (10 years ago).

    Thank you for your information.

    I have reserved My Time Dining, which seems to be in time for what I will be doing.

  10. 50 minutes ago, Bakerette said:

    The last few days I have been logging into the cruise planner servers times a day to try and reserve shows but I kept getting this message:7CEC922A-02D2-43EB-89CA-9C33B11C4BF0.thumb.png.88f2ac982d82d7bb15c19f993e19b1fc.png

    how were you able to book shows even though you cruise is in June?

    My cruise is exactly 60 days from today and I have not yet been able to book shows.

    I Am able to book other things like shore excursions, dining reservations, drink packages, internet packages, spa packages, and activities within the cruise planner but I am not able to book shows. 

    Me too!

  11. I will get on Harmony.

    I think the followings are restaurants which offer free dinners.


    1.Main dining

    2.Solarium Bistro


    4.Park Cafe



    Our cruise will last 7 nights.

    Is this combination suitable for our trip?

    Or, we would increase the number of Main dining?


    (My current idea)

    1.Main  dinning* 2nights

    2.Solarium Bistro*2nights


    4.Park Cafe*1night




    We will not consider having specialty dinner.

  12. Hello,

    >We booked a Central Park Balcony for this cruise because we liked the perks that came with it. You get a free bottle of red wine, which is nice, but we were really excited about the complimentary specialty lunch.

    Are the perks available for everyone that reserved a Central Park Balcony? I have already booked one for April Cruise, however I was not aware of the perks.

    Please tell me!

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