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  1. @firebuck I actually came across your blog earlier today. Great info. Love the pics and all the stuff you put into it. We cant wait for this cruise. Its our first. Hope the wife and kids don't get sea sick!
  2. Excellent thanks for the quick reply. Will check them out
  3. We got canceled from powerboat adventures because someone rented the whole boat. Rc offers swimming with pigs in cococay as a excursion so we booked that. Gonna see how it is. Half the cost of powerboat adventures. Yes its shorter and less to do. But ultimately we only cared about the pigs
  4. What rate did you get for the embassy? Are you leaving vehicle there while you are cruising ? We are cruising january 18 on anthems coming from canada trying to get best bang for buck
  5. powerboat adventures is 260 for adults and 150 for kids. it works out to half what others are charging and has great reviews we booked it cant wait
  6. thanks. we also found powerboat adventures last night. they replied back. good price. they leave at 845 so I will confirm with boat for time to get off
  7. also our last day the boat gets back at 6am. do we need to get off at 6am?? I know they are leaving that afternoon again
  8. hey everyone we are doing our first cruise. looking forward to it. tons of great help so far. got another question. we will be in nassau on day 6 of our cruise from 7am to 11:59pm and we really want to do swimming with the pigs in exuma. we found various sites that offer this. one is hidden beaches bahamas. question is if we are port at 7am can we make it over to paradise island by 815 am??
  9. hey everyone, we are first time cruisers and have booked the anthems of the sea for 8 days, January leaving from new jersey. There will be 2 adults and 2 children. we have a few questions we are sure you can help with. Free drinks on board - whats included? Can we bring a refillable water bottle and fill it up on board? The tap water safe to drink? We are not big alcohol drinkers so that doesn't really matter to us, but I will get the robot to make me a drink once just cause its cool. The refreshment package works out to $34.00 CAD per person, would be over $1200.00 for the duration of the trip, we dont drink coffee so that doesn't matter to us. Can we buy 1 of these are share? I know its frowned upon but hard to justify $1200 for drinks alone. As far as shore excursions, what do you recommend for florida and cococay? When we get to Nassau we are there from 7 am to 11:59 pm we would like to do the swimming with the pigs in exuma, has anybody ever done this? booked it on there own? any things you recommend? Is there anything that is a must do on board? Also do you have a hotel with parking in new jersey with transportation to the boat you recommend? thanks everyone
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