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  1. Ashlynne12

    almond milk

    I saw a couple posts that say that almond milk can be found, but is it a special request, or can it be found regardless? I don't drink regular milk and i hate the flavor of soy milk, so all I have at home is almond milk. Or is this something that I should look at bringing in my carry on instead of sodas?
  2. Ashlynne12

    Car rental in Tampa?

    Thanks! I went ahead and booked it since it only ran me about $30. I'm thinking about taking my husband up to Tarpon Springs since he's never been.
  3. Ashlynne12

    Car rental in Tampa?

    We're scheduled for our cruise to leave Tampa on Jan 12, so I've booked our flights out of Nashville for the day before. Knowing Nashville weatherin the winter, I opted for the earliest flight available just in case we get some ice. We'll curently be flying into Tampa at 9:30 local time on the 11th, and I'm trying to decide if renting a car is the most economic plan instead of taking uber or something like that. I do know that our hotel will let me store the bags if we arrive early (they do have a complementary shuttle from the airport but their cost to travel to the cruise port is $20) We're hoping to have some time to explore a bit in Tampa the day before and I have looked at some of the public transportation, but unsure what will be our best value.
  4. Ashlynne12

    Grand Cayman, turtle farm

    That's what the excurion advertised, so I'm really hoping so. 🙂 It's the Turtle Encounter & Island tour through Roal Carribean: Interact with and swim alongside marine turtles in a saltwater lagoon. I'm a big turtle nut, so it should be good either way though
  5. Ashlynne12

    Grand Cayman, turtle farm

    Love this idea. Thanks!
  6. Ashlynne12

    Grand Cayman, turtle farm

    We're planning on doing the swimming with the turtles at the turtle farm in Grand Cayman. what does everyone use when taking under water photos? I don't want to spend a lot of money, but I'm thinking something beyond a disposable camera.
  7. Does anyone know if we will be able to use the app on ship without getting an internet package? We're seriously thinking about unplugging from the net for our cruise in January.
  8. Ashlynne12

    Introduce yourself!

    Yes, we're sailing out of Tampa. Really looking forward to it.
  9. Ashlynne12

    When is your next cruise?

    Booked our first cruise for January 12, 2019 on Brilliance of the Seas
  10. Ashlynne12

    Introduce yourself!

    Hey guys! I'm Joan and my husband and I just booked our very first cruise for January on Brilliance of the Seas. We live in Tennessee and haven't had a real vacation since our honeymoon in 2005!