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  1. I`m working on the documents for check in. If I say we`ll pay with cash for onboard expenses, but we decide to use a card, is that okay? Or are we stuck using the method that I put down now?
  2. I`ll bring a light sweater, was trying to decide if that was even neccessary but think I might want one! Thanks! And yes, ^^..looks like we are kicking you off!
  3. I should have clarified...I meant in walking around the ship in the evenings, not on excursions and during the day. I know it`ll be warm but we were in FL last week and it was chilly in the evenings so I wasn`t sure!
  4. We`re cruising April 21st, on the Harmony...going to Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico. What will the temps be like? Will we need sweaters, jackets??
  5. I was reading through the check in/boarding documents for our upcoming cruise (1st time) and am wondering...will we have a problem if our middle names aren`t on our cruise reservation, but are on our passports? It says name must match....???
  6. First time cruisers here, leaving April 21st! We`re wondering about clothing for the excursions...do you wear clothing and take your swim gear along with you, or ?? Whats the best way to do? Is there places on most excursions to change if needed?
  7. After seeing this I`m still undecided on an excursion we want to book...its in Jamaica and says it gets back at 6:15 and the ship leaves at 7...this seems iffy to me but I`ve been told theres no reason to worry...I`m stil not convinced!
  8. We were going to book the Reggae Hill and Jungle river tubing excursion...is that one a long bus ride to get to? Has anyone done that one and recommend it?
  9. Are the entertainment options not put on the website all at once for cruises? We`re cruising in april on the Harmony and just in the last couple days they put 6 shows on that can be reserved. Is that all they will have to offer? I thought there would be a lot more options?
  10. So I`m assuming 45 min leeway would be ok?! I really wouldn`t want to hassle with all that possibility...
  11. If you book an excursion through the cruise planner, you are guaranteed to be back at the boat before the boat leaves, correct?! I`m looking at 1 excursion that only gives us 45 min from when its done until the boat leaves at 7 pm. I just want to make sure that we are absolutely guaranteed through the RC site excursions to be back at the boat in time?? Thanks! This will be our first cruise, so I`m unsure about some of this
  12. I`m looking at the Monster jeep excursion in Cozumel, and I`m wondering if that involves much travel time to get to the actual excursion? I saw one thread that said something about 6 hrs of travel to get somewhere to look at Mayan ruins...is this the same way?
  13. I`m looking at the Monster jeep excursion in Cozumel, and I`m wondering if that involves much travel time to get to the actual excursion? I saw one thread that said something about 6 hrs of travel to get somewhere to look at Mayan ruins...is this the same way?
  14. When I do that, it only shows me all the restaurants you have to pay extra for, except for the Solarium Bistro doesn`t have prices for some of the food. It doesn`t give me the dining room option to schedule times.
  15. How and where do you schedule your dining times? We will be on the Harmony in April. I`m not sure how to do the my dining? We plan to mostly eat in the dining room, but are pretty flexible with times, I think...I know I saw this somewhere earlier but can`t find it now!
  16. Sorry, sailing on the Harmony! Thanks for the help!
  17. How far out will entertainment/shows be able to be booked? We sail on April 21st, and its not available, so am curious.
  18. When you get off the ship in these locations, are you close to any shops? Would we be able to just wander around and look at stuff and be entertained for a few hrs off the boat without doing an excursion?
  19. I don`t remember being asked this when I made my reservation...can I call and have it noted?
  20. Is everything on the ships closed when in port? Or just certain ports and ships? I saw another thread that said all shops and entertainment would be closed while in port in Bermuda. We`re cruising on the Harmony in April, and saw for the spa that there was a discount for port days...now I`m confused
  21. What do you ask about when you call? I`m a newbie here, waiting for my first cruise in April!
  22. When the ship is docked at the different ports, do you have to disembark at a certain time with everyone else if you`re wanting to get off? Or can you stay on the ship and get off a few hours later if you`re just wanting to sit on the beach there...thinking about staying on the ship and getting massages one day, but thinking we might would like to get off and walk around for a little while. So are you stuck to a certain time to get off?
  23. A few days ago I saw an advertisement on the RC cruise planner site that was a sauna/massage package for couples...I can`t find anything like that now. And can anyone tell me what the couples bamboo massage would consist of? There is no description at all for it. Thanks! This is for the Harmony, if that makes any difference. Actually I just found what I was looking for under a different listing, but can anyone tell me what sort of massage would be given in the couples bathing ritual and massage package? Deep tissue, swedish, ect??
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