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  1. Sure can. Some wines are available by the glass, but others only by bottle, which would obviously incur a cost if you were using the drink package. There appears to be 1 or 2 wines of each type (pink noir, merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio etc.) that fall at $13 or less mark at most restaurants. To be clear though I don’t think any specialty restaurants include wine in the cover charge. Maybe Chefs Table?
  2. For our May 27th sailing on Allure, the 3 night was $80 and 4 night was $95 when we signed up on Day 1. I don’t remember the cost of the 5 night.
  3. Buying in advance at $45 pppd, it is definitely value for me. Took full advantage of the espresso drinks at cafe promenade and park cafe as well. Enjoyed trying new cocktails that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I am perfectly content with drinking wine, beer, and whiskey, but it is nice every once in a while to try new things and not have to worry about breaking the budget.
  4. Chose MTD on our last cruise. While I understand the demand for it, I will not do it again. While the food was still very good, the wait staff as a whole seemed to lack attention to detail, appeared exhausted, and had the “I’m never going to see you again” type of attitude. I have only been on one other cruise, which was Oasis class as well, and it felt like morale was much higher. This is pure speculation but they seemed to give off the impression that MTD was a sort of punishment.
  5. Just got off Allure on June 3rd. The cruise planner stated that Chef’s Table was the only specialty option not eligible for the BOGO package. Onboard we were told we could only eat at Gio’s and Samba. Checked with multiple specialty restaurants to make sure it wasn’t just the individual we were dealing with and they all toed the line. We caved and upgraded to the 3 night package and ate at 150, Izumi, and Chops. Izumi was a $35 credit pp.
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