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    A number of people rave about the food in the pay specialty dining but don"t pass on the MDR.  The food and service is excellent in the MDR and there is a board at each dining room entrance the will tell you what is being served that day.  
      The shows in the main theater,  the aqua theater,  ice show are all good but they have a comedy zone also that is good.  The comedy show is R rated and you must get reservations.  The reservations go fast in the comedy show.  If you are staying in a Grand Suite or above you will not need a reservation for the other shows otherwise get a reservation for those also (no cost).  The suite guests must get reservations for the comedy show.
      The solarium has the adult pools but also has a good place to eat.  It is small without the huge selection like the Windjammer but its still good.
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    MamaB reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in First time RC Cruising- few questions   
    Hi @MamaB.  Welcome to the boards.  Here is a past thread that is similar  Have a read through it.
    You will love Oasis (but I a biased as I am a huge Oasis class fan).  It beats any other DCL ship in almost every area and your money goes further with RCL.  The solarium (adults area) is way nicer and larger than Quiet Cove on Disney.  And as far as must see and do...take a stroll in Central Park (it's wonderful there at night), don't miss the shows in the Aqua Theater and the ice shows.  The list goes on, there's so much to do on Oasis class ships.
    Have a read through that thread from above and come back and feel free to ask questions.  You've found a great place here to help you.
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    MamaB reacted to bhageerah in First time RC Cruising- few questions   
    Hello Jen and welcome! 
    I have never cruised Disney, but I hope that you will enjoy your first cruise with RCCL, good choice with Oasis! I believe that you will have a great time on her! 
    That being said formal nights on most 7 day cruises are going to be the second and fourth nights 
    We have found that there are several things that we enjoy while we are onboard,  I know there will be more places that people will chime in on that I may leave out!  We absolutely love the kummelweck sandwich at the Park Cafe, please try a meal at Giovannis table everything we had there was wonderful! We also liked Chops Grill as well as Sabor, if you like Mexican then you should love Sabor!  The food there almost brought a tear of joy to my eye, especially the extremely fresh salsa and guacamole!!! 
    It is hard for me to answer this question because I am not sure what your demographic is, but  usually it is the wife and I that end up on the larger and longer cruises and we are mid 40's.  We have done just about anything from movies, to the Love and Marriage game show which is absolutely hilarious!!!!  Another thing that you may want to check out is the Quest game show, it is held in the evenings and will have you laughing so hard that your sides will hurt! I am not sure what your preferences are but I can assure you that the two shows that I mentioned will have you laughing! 
    If I remember correctly there is only one pool in the Solarium, with several hot tubs
    I hope that this helps! Have a great cruise!! 
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    MamaB got a reaction from PrincipalTinker in First time RC Cruising- few questions   
    Hi there! 
    First time posting here. I've cruised multiple times with Disney and have been convinced to try Royal Caribbean after my dad sailed with them recently. 
    That being said, I'm sailing on the Oasis of the Seas in September (7-night Eastern Caribbean) and had a few questions!
    1. What nights are "Formal Nights"
    2. Any spectacular foods to try while on board? 
    3. Anything we MUST see or do while there? (two adults traveling, no children)
    4. How are the pools in the adult area? I know on cruise ships they're always small- but how is it? 
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