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  1. Thanks for your advice, JLMoran. So if i get this right, I brought the "Ultimate Dining Package" but can't make any prior reservation until we on the ship , but people who buy a single special dinner spot can make the reservation prior to the cruise. There by getting the prime dinner times. I think I may have purchased the wrong package? I know it is less money per meal with this plan, but I would like the ability to get times around the shows I have already been able to schedule prior to the cruise. Maybe it not so "Ultimate" LOL
  2. We will be on the Anthem of the Sea on Oct. 27th. We have an early boarding time. I want to get all my dining reservation done as quickly as possible. We have the Ultimate Dining Package. First , can I use the Royal Caribbean appt. or must I go to each dining room and make the reservation. Second, our first dining reservation is at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. We are fixed to the time ? The wife is already mad that this might be cutting into our drinking time. LOL Thanks for any help.
  3. we will be on the Anthem of the Sea this Halloween. We are glad to see people really get in to the holiday. Having a costume and the ultimate drink package should make for a fun night.
  4. Interested in an update on the Coco Cay Pier. Wondering if it will be ready for the Fall
  5. We will be on the Anthem of the Sea on Oct. 27, 2018. First, is there a sport bar to watch football . Second, we are Eagle's Fans (Super Bowl Champs- finally), and they will be playing in London that Sunday at 9:30 am. Will that bar be open that early? Also, any good morning drinks other than mamosaa or blood mary ? Have to keep up that infamous image of the Philly fan. LOL Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks Lovetocruise and Matt for your help.. I will raise a Coco in your name... and smile knowing it cost me less
  7. Thank you for your help.. one more question. I used $100.00 ship credit to help pay for it.. if I cancel the package, will I get the ship credit back?
  8. I will be going on a cruise on the Anthem of the Sea in October. I selected and pre-paid for the Deluxe Beverage package for my cruise. I now see the price has dropped. Can I cancel my pre-paid package and re-book it again at the lower price? I have booked my cruise through the Royal Caribbean website. Can I do it on the website or do I need to call Royal Caribbean? Thank you for your advice..
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