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  1. Is Cava Del Duero the same thing as Covi? Whenever I google Covi, Cava del Duero comes up.
  2. Can you do the virtual stateroom tour of the cabin your specifically booked? Or can you only do it for cabins BEFORE booking? \
  3. Yep I’m signed up for emails but have never gotten this newsletter either.
  4. I see that in the Deluxe Beverage Package, and the Premium Refreshment Packages, "bottled still water" is included. Does anyone know what kind of water that is? Purified, spring water, or drinking?
  5. Nice, I'm seeing $19.99 right now, and no surf only option. This will be my first cruise with Royal. I've always sailed Carnival, and just used the regular internet/no stream. My cruise is on the Symphony in November of 2019, so I'm going to wait to see if it at least goes down to $15.99. It seems that $19.99 is the highest it would be, on sale.
  6. Have you all ever seen 30% off or higher in the cruise planner for the Voom? And if so, whats the highest percentage off that you've seen?
  7. Wow, ok thanks. I don't really use or care about streaming when I'm on a cruise, but I do surf the net. So i was hoping to save some money, oh well. Hopefully, there will be a 30% off discount in the future for my cruise. Right now, they have it at 20% off.
  8. Hello, I was wondering, does Royal ever offer internet without streaming? All I've seen is "Surf and Stream" pricing.
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