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  1. Sorry I'm a bit late to this but looks like your cruise hasn't left yet! I agree with other's comments above. The Horseshoe Bay area has been through a major redevelopment since I left the island and I have only visited once since it happened. That time I visited though, it seemed like other people have said, shuttle buses and taxis waiting in the same area at the bottom of the hill. For emergencies, the best taxi number when I was on the island was +1 (441) 295-4141. A lot of taxi numbers you get on Bermuda are for individual taxis so not so useful if that taxi already has a fare, bu
  2. Not 100% sure on that. One certainly wouldn't get any state pension so you'd need to support yourself including a significant sum required for health insurance. Add that to the house prices and the additional taxes I'm sure they would charge to a non-citizen and it would be a pricey retirement. My guess would be that if someone was wealthy enough to do all of that, then anything's possible. For most people I would think it is more that they would be priced out of retiring there rather than it being impossible. At the end of the day, they could make a fair amount of money from a very wealt
  3. Sorry I'm a bit late to the party here. I lived on Bermuda for 2 years and can confirm that if you work in financial services (specifically insurance/re-insurance or investment management) you can get a job in Bermuda fairly easily. That also includes skilled professions which support those industries like auditors and lawyers. As you note, since Bermuda has no corporate income tax these industries set up there to simplify cross-border business. For example, for investments, the fact that no tax is levied on the fund itself means that investors from any country can invest and then they onl
  4. Plenty other people have confirmed above but just to add my experience, I was on Allure in mid-Sept and I asked the question as I wasn't sure. Was told that it was included in the Deluxe package and you did not need to be eating at JR to get one. We proceeded to get one on the Deluxe package.
  5. To wrap up, and in true @Matt blog style, I’ve noted some of my random thoughts below: Despite our efforts on our last sea day, we did not manage to tick everything off of our lists. A few things we had already decided that we wouldn’t try. We didn’t feel the need to spend extra on any specialty dining and we decided prior to the cruise that we would give Mama Mia and the ice shows a miss. Most of the things I had planned to try but didn’t get round to revolved around food (and coincidentally, the Boardwalk). Specifically we did not get round to trying the boardwalk donuts, the compl
  6. Day 8 – Sept 23 – Disembark day (a sad day - so sad I didn't take a single photo) We were up at about 6am to get ready and pack. We headed to the WJ for our final breakfast – sad times. Back to the room to pick up our cases and then off we got. Overall I was very impressed with how they got thousands of people off the ship pretty seamlessly. Once we got out of the terminal we ordered an Uber. I was a little concerned at the prospect as it was a little manic but it all worked out fine. It was helped by the fact that we were randomly allocated an Uber Lux even though we ordered the
  7. Day 7 – Sept 22 – Sea day The last day of the cruise. Again R got up a bit earlier and went to the gym. Some impressive willpower on the last day of our trip! I stayed in bed for a little longer and then headed to the main pool for a quick pre-breakfast swim – it seems this has quickly become a sea day ritual. I lazed in the pool for a bit until R showed up. She stuck her feet in for 10 minutes but then we got packed up and headed back to the room to get dried off for breakfast. We once again opted for the WJ for breakfast, plus it turned out to be quite a large breakfast as the
  8. Sorry, neglected to post yesterday. I'll post the final 2 days today.
  9. Day 6 – Sept 21 – Labadee [not many photos from today since I didn't really have my phone out much on Labadee] We had a bit of a lie in which was a treat since we didn’t dock in Labadee until 9.30am. R however was up a bit earlier than I was so she headed to the gym for a bit. I on the other hand was banking on the stairs continuing to provide my daily workout. Once we gathered our things we headed to the WJ for breakfast. We had a snorkelling excursion booked for 10am so we got off the ship and headed straight for the meeting spot. The excursion involved going out on a boa
  10. [I've now worked out how to insert photos in to the body of the post rather than have them all at the end, so I will do that to break up the text a bit] Day 5 – Sept 20 – San Juan Another early start, this one pretty dang early due to the arrival time of 7am in San Juan. Since when was vacationing so tiring? Back up to the WJ for breakfast due to the convenience for a quick breakfast. Our plan for San Juan was to self explore and mostly visit the forts. We were planning on trying to hit both forts in the one day before all-aboard at 1.30pm. We were off ship before 8am but kn
  11. Day 4 – Sept 19 – St. Maarten It was our first port day so we had another early start. We returned to the WJ for breakfast and went ready to go straight to the gangway after we had finished. Once we were off the ship and headed straight for the meeting spot for our tour. On the recommendation of @KLA we had booked Tour 1 offered by Bernard Tours. Today our tour guide was ‘Action’ Jackson. The tour started off on the Dutch side and had a couple of quick stops for pictures. As others have reported there is still sadly a lot of hurricane damage on the island. Also, due to many
  12. Day 3 – Sept 18 – Day at sea Once again, R was up early and raring to go. She headed to the spa at 7am for a stretch and abs class while I had a more sedate start to the day and headed up to the pool at 8am. Similar to yesterday, I went for a quick swim, however unlike yesterday there were a couple of intruders in my pool! Once R appeared from her class she thought the main pool would be a bit too chilly for her so we took the opportunity to try out one of the cantilevered hot tubs. After a quick stop at the room to change we headed out to hunt for some breakfast. Since it was a d
  13. Day 2 – Sept 17 – Day at sea We were up pretty early again – 6.30am or so – still not quite off of UK time. We both got up and headed to the gym for a bit of cycling to burn off that key lime pie from the night before. After that we got changed and decided to check out the solarium. The pool there wasn’t open by that point so we headed to the main pool which was just opening. We stayed in for only about 20 mins but it was great. Nice and warm and completely empty except us – the small benefits of early nights and early starts. R even jumped in for a bit which was testament to how war
  14. Day 1 – Sept 16 – Embarkation Day After a solid amount of sleep, we awoke around 6am. Since I knew that with the jet lag and the early night we would wake early, my plan was to get up and go for a swim in the hotel pool. However it was still very dark outside. Scotland be a cloudy, gloomy place so it is easy to forget that even though in Summer Scotland is light very early and until very late, lower latitudes are not so – even though they have more sunshine in general. So we lazed about for a bit until it lightened up and then headed down to the pool once the sun had decided to
  15. Day 0 – Sept 15 – Travel Day We awoke pretty early (4.45am) at our home in Scotland’s Central Belt. We packed as much as possible the night before but as always there were a few items to finish off in the morning. My parents were kind enough to take us to Edinburgh airport for the flight and the roads were not a problem at that time in the morning, especially not on a Sunday. Eggs Benedict at the Wetherspoon’s pub in the airport is becoming a bit of a tradition for us at the start of holidays. R departed slightly from tradition and went for Eggs Royale with smoked salmon (traitor!).
  16. I am not long back from my first cruise with RCL with my girlfriend (referred to as ‘R’ throughout) and we had a great time. On the run up to our cruise, I very much enjoyed reading some of the other members’ live blogs. I wanted to give it a bash, but knew I would struggle with the commitment of blogging while we were away, especially without a laptop. However, I decided to take some notes in my phone while I was away to allow me to write up a retrospective blog once we were home. I will write up one day at a time – partly to recreate the feel of a live blog, but mostly just to gi
  17. I will certainly follow along. I was actually in Bermuda while you were there. I used to live there and was back visiting friends. I flew out on the evening of the 15th when i assume you would have arrived and I did notice the familiar influx of people when I got the bus in to Hamilton earlier in the day and when I visited some South Shore beaches later in the day.
  18. I've read in Matt's posts that the Park Café is where to go for the famous beef sandwiches so I'm sure we will seek that out early and see what else they have on offer. As I said in a post above, I think we will be giving Mama Mia a miss since my GF has seen recently in a theatre however I do like the sound of the aqua theatre shows.
  19. Thanks for the tips! I think we may be giving Mama Mia a miss since my GF has seen it recently in a theatre. However I do like the sound of the Aqua Shows so I will be sure to look in to booking ahead of time. In your experience with the main dining room were there times where MTD didn't work well or worked better? I know the standard times have a couple of sittings. Are you best to book a time which are mostly in line with one of the standard sittings or does it not really matter?
  20. Hopefully you are looking forward to it as much as I am! I have never been on a RCL ship so it will be a new experience for me. Straight in at the deep end on Oasis class. Perhaps we will be on the same Bernard tour if I do in fact end up booking that for St Maarten!
  21. Thanks Matt! These posts have formed the basis of my research so far!
  22. Thanks for the tips, KLA. It was this exact company I had considered for St Maarten and on reflection I think it must have been from reading your earlier post. I assume that, disregarding something cataclysmic, that there are no issues with this company getting you back to the ship on time? Not that you would know all circumstances, but you didn't have a feeling that the tour group were careless with timings or anything? I'd be more than happy to hear more on your recommendations for walking around Puerto Rico. It is a 7am-2pm stop so my only plan was to try to see the forts when they
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