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  1. NICE!!!! Actually the SOTS was not our first but our second. We sailed on the SSNorway which sailed on Saturday's with the SOTS. When we saw the gleaming white "huge" ship we decided we would make this ship our second cruise and the rest is history. Love the Tshirt.
  2. Sovereign of the Seas, this ship began our love of RC cruises in 1990. I have a print of the ship hanging in my study. We must do Majesty before she is retired.
  3. After all our research on parking in Miami we decided to just park at the terminal. It cost more but with everything we heard about the problems of the off site lots we just didn't see the need to risk those issues. Miami seems to be different than other port cities in Florida as far as safety is concerned.
  4. If I find a bar tender that we like I will tip them, particularly if we they wait on us the entire cruise. If I stop at a bar a pick up a drink and will probably not go back to that bar then no.
  5. Yo dude we will be on the Dec 15th cruise. We will look you up. Will you still be in the casino?
  6. They do not bypass perse but have their own lane. In other words they do not get in the lane with the cars. The bus pulls up and shows a pass or something but we have never pulled any paper work out to show the check point.
  7. This is the hassle. We use PNG also and they are very efficient even with a large group. Drive in they unload luggage to their bus and off you go. They drive straight through the Home land security check point and drop you and the family at the luggage drop area. When you return there is usually a bus sitting waiting for you. The way you are looking at doing the drop off and check in will take more time. PNG are very good at what they do.
  8. I will keep money aside also. RCCL stretched 2 ships in the 80's, the Song of Norway and the Viking Serenade. The Sun Viking was not as a new build came out named Song of America. It looked like at the time that RC noticed that "bigger was better" as the cruise industry grew. Not to very long after that the mighty Sovereign of the Seas came out.
  9. Okay DW just informed me that we may have gotten those points based on 2 sailings with Celebrity. So if you have sailed on Celebrity maybe this is where the extra points come in.
  10. Huuuuussssshhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not say a word
  11. Yes I did a lousy job with my explanation but you see through my bumbling attempt. LOL The 18 points make sense, double points for suite, but the 2 points is completely baffling as it should be 5 points. Which could possibly mean they went back and corrected the 5 night cruise plus gave you the 14 bonus. Strange to say the least but congrats!!!!!!
  12. If you sailed with RC before the new C&A program was instituted they gave you 14 points. We started cruising on RC in 1990 and had several cruises with them through the 90's up to 2000. Took some time off then went back in 2003. Somewhere in the very late 90's or early 2000's the C&A program changed. If you could prove that you had sailed with them before 2000 then you received all those points along with an extra 14. Not sure this is what happened but perhaps those extra points were over looked.
  13. I agree $49 is not worth it to us either. But getting 1NDR for $15 the adding another $15 to make it $30 seems reasonable to us. This is what we will try do when we get on board. We have booked Chops for lunch for $19 each with a reduce menu.
  14. We are on Oasis for this Thanksgiving. Okay this is our understanding of 1NDR. We paid 15.00 pp for either Giovonni's or Sabor, as these are the only 2 we have been told do this on Oasis. We have also read that for another 15.00 pp we could upgrade to Chops. Since Chops is 49.00 pp it makes sense to us to explore this for 30.00 which is a 40% discount. Does this sound right?
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