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  1. I am on the freedom sat I just called crown and anchor number and they gave me the rundown but did tell me only Harmony and Oasis would accept pre departure for the entertainment
  2. I read today that the Harmony is due to move to port Canaveral and the grandeur or the vision whichever is undergoing the extensive refit will come with her I just cant remember which one
  3. I too love the enchanment you truly have a talent for blogging I leave in 20 days on the freedom I may give this a try
  4. I have found when cruising that it is easy to consume 6 beers a day if you do it will come to over 42 dollars if you purchase the drink package online at the on sale rate of 20%off it costs 44dollars a day and this does not count the daily consumption of soda fresh squeezed orange juice specialty coffee bottled water fruity non alcohol drinks etc plus the huge seapass bill at the end of the cruise to me it is worth the money just for no big suprises after a wonderful cruise
  5. Hi everyone new to the blog my next cruise is Nov. 11 2017 on the Freedom 8 days eastern Caribbean followed by jan 13 2018 on the indy then oct 1 2018 on the brilliance will take another sometime early 2018 before schools out thinking oasis but I like the small shiops much better possibly the empress to Havana if the political unrest settles down
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