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  1. I am surprised too, hoping to sail in July. I wasn’t sold on flying to Nassau from NYC but curious to see what opens in the next few weeks.
  2. Another cruise canceled! Any idea what a safe bet for July would be?
  3. Lets hope and pray to the cruising gods these sailings stick!
  4. Yeah that was my gut too - something is happening
  5. It looks like suites are now sold out for all vision sailings this summer, any idea why? When I checked a few days ago it looked like there was a ton of availability! I snagged one a few weeks ago but didn’t know if this is due to capacity or Royal up?
  6. That is a very good point!! Yes i did see it has grand suite perks. The grand suite was $2000 more than the junior suite, suite guarantee, or OV suite.
  7. Just booked as a potential backup if the RC blog group cruise doesn’t happen but keeping my fingers crossed! A few questions- we are really hoping to do a suite for this suite for the crown and anchor points. The suite guarantee and OV suite with no balcony for the same price. Struggling with which once to pick as there isn’t much info about the OV suite no balcony and with the suite guarantee you could end up with less perks in the junior suite. We are holding the OV suite for now while we decide. Also after booking I noticed there was a $200 credit in my email listed as below - Please note:
  8. Totally fair! No kids yet for my husband and I unless you count us as kids i do love waterslides!
  9. I am struggling with what sailing to book between the two!! Bermuda is easier to get to from NYC but Adventure looks like such a fun ship! Any advice on which to book?
  10. We did the UDP on Anthem 9 night cruise and loved it. Gave us an opportunity to try all of the things we wanted to at all restaurants without over indulging because we knew we would be back in a few nights.
  11. I am going on Navigator of the Seas next week and debating what to do in Nassau. Suggestions on what to do on land or on board are appreciated! We have been to Atlantis once before and nothing else on land looks appealing but I am open to ideas!
  12. I did the Jewels of Cinque Terre excursion approx. 1 year ago with my husband and it was fantastic. It was through Royal and took us on a tour of three of the five villages via boat and we had time on our own in each to explore. I HIGHLY recommend seeing the villages by boat as this is how you will get the post card type photos and see the most. This was an ALL DAY excursion, around 10 hours and included an incredible lunch & wine in one of the villages. I think it is too difficult to do on your own and you would risk missing the boat.
  13. We used our key tags and only carried off a few small personal items and one small bag we used to pack up our remaining belongings. We got off the ship and our bags were in the key section.
  14. Hi all, Just booked a last minute sailing on Navigator in 25 days! What do you recommend doing at Coco Cay for the first time! Looking through the cruise planner and I am overwhelmed with all of the options!
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