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  1. We did the UDP on Anthem 9 night cruise and loved it. Gave us an opportunity to try all of the things we wanted to at all restaurants without over indulging because we knew we would be back in a few nights.
  2. I am going on Navigator of the Seas next week and debating what to do in Nassau. Suggestions on what to do on land or on board are appreciated! We have been to Atlantis once before and nothing else on land looks appealing but I am open to ideas!
  3. I did the Jewels of Cinque Terre excursion approx. 1 year ago with my husband and it was fantastic. It was through Royal and took us on a tour of three of the five villages via boat and we had time on our own in each to explore. I HIGHLY recommend seeing the villages by boat as this is how you will get the post card type photos and see the most. This was an ALL DAY excursion, around 10 hours and included an incredible lunch & wine in one of the villages. I think it is too difficult to do on your own and you would risk missing the boat.
  4. We used our key tags and only carried off a few small personal items and one small bag we used to pack up our remaining belongings. We got off the ship and our bags were in the key section.
  5. Hi all, Just booked a last minute sailing on Navigator in 25 days! What do you recommend doing at Coco Cay for the first time! Looking through the cruise planner and I am overwhelmed with all of the options!
  6. Yes. I have the key for my upcoming Anthem of the Seas cruise tomorrow woo hoo! and made reservations for all shows. The key gets you priority seating.
  7. I found an article about it so you can check it out! https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2016/01/02/review-ultimate-thermal-suite-pass-royal-caribbeans-oasis-of-the-seas
  8. It was really nice! We had just gotten into Barcelona after an overnight flight so I couldn't think of a better way to relax!
  9. They do have an option to add on a detox bath to the Thermal Suite Pass or Couples Pass. This is essentially a private hot tub you can have to yourself for an hour. I did this on Symphony of the Seas with my husband. I would highly recommend, it was super relaxing and they have little lights up on the ceiling that look like stars.
  10. I just found out my bid was accepted yesterday 10 days before my cruise!
  11. Has anyone done the food and culture tour through royal? I have never been to San Juan originally we were going to go to Vivo Beach club. Suggestions on what to do?
  12. Cinque Terre on the Jewels of Cinque Terre excursion! My husband and I did this excursion in October 2018 on our honeymoon and it was AMAZING! We visited 3 of the villages and had a beautiful Italian lunch at one. Perfection. A boat picks you up right as you get off the ship and you take the boat to each village.
  13. I had a ton of almond milk lattes on Symphony of the Seas!
  14. When we booked the price was the same for an inside/or obstructed balcony so we wen't obstructed.
  15. We were in 12727 on Symphony it was the second to the last room on the aft side We still had pretty good views despite the slide!
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