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  1. It doesn't for those of us experiencing the ongoing glitch. We can't even see it in the app. I've tried at least 5 browsers out of annoyance and boredom. Thanks though.
  2. That's not it, unfortunately. Thanks for trying to help though! I only care b/c I have a GTY and would like to see my cabin via the barcode trick. Got my cruise docs 30 days out as I should have so I know my deck and rough location from the doc info and luggage tags at least.
  3. Yep, that's the issue to which I was referring earlier in the thread. Been getting that message sinve I checked in, now 24 days out.
  4. This is an ongoing issue with certain sailings. You are not alone. I have yet to be able to view mine via the app or website for my Indy 10/24 sailing.
  5. Wife and I have been on many cruises where we hardly spent anything. Enjoy! I still make it a point to check out what every included food venue has daily as I tend to eat quite a bit when I cruise and some things change day-to-day (WJ, Cafe Promenade, etc.) P.S. Yes, it's Wipeout Cafe on Allure. Other Oasis class ships like Harmony have "Mini Bites" in that spot. Wipeout Cafe used to be a good place to get omelets and basic breakfast sides if you wanted to avoid the WJ but I haven't been in one in quite a while.
  6. Yes, very simple onboard. Just open a browser and all instructions are there.
  7. Yes, you get vouchers on disembarkation morning of your 1st cruise like any other cruise. Where? WJ bar, MDR, Cafe Promenade for fancy coffee/ice coffee you can't or don't want to get in the DL, etc. You could also get some bottled water for the 2nd cruise if so inclined.
  8. You don't need to do anything special. The price (if still available) will appear on the site (or to your TA) when the sale begins on Wednesday. NOTE: The prices in the flyer are for GTY cabins.
  9. Same here in FL (I only cruise from PC but FLL has had some recently as well). There used to be good last minute minute deals just from checking the website daily but they became fewer and farther between even before the shut down.
  10. Good point... I should have said there are exceptions like Canada and Bermuda and maybe some European ports? I believe Canada may be dropping theirs soon. I always forget about stuff like that since I just repetitively sail around the Caribbean and/or Bahamas.
  11. Yep, I won a small RoyalUp on a GTY in July on the same day I happened to get my official assignment (I knew my cabin from the barcode trick already). Happy bidding!
  12. You can also add it to your Apple Wallet if an iPhone user to see the numbers.
  13. The answers are already in this thread.
  14. Typical RC IT. It will be back up... eventually.
  15. We will be exactly 7 points short as of now after our June 2023 Wonder cruise. Tried to get another 7 nights in prior to that but doesn't seem like we can. Recently received my 1st ever block (Harmony). It's a lovely paperweight/dust collect.
  16. One tip... There is free beer, wine, hard seltzer, soda, bottled water in the SL from 11-11 everyday. It's not a secret but it also doesn't appear on the standard list of perks. Also, make use of the e-mail you should receive 5-6 days before your cruise fro the suite concierges. They can make you CK reservations, comedy show reservations, and handle any questions/requests you might have... all in advance via e-mail.
  17. FWIW, there have been reports on the cruise forums of them cancelling appointments, not sure if it was here, the other big forum, or both. I went with RapidTest&Trace in July b/c they had much better customer service than OnPoint and OnPoint always had a few red flags. Just one man's opinion.
  18. Exactly what we did in July. Wanted to do it again next month but the weekend prices were lousy compared to the deals you could get for the 4-nighers during the Going, Going, Gone sales. Couldn't bring myself to pay twice as much for another 3 nights. If our schedule allowed, we'd have done a few more 4-nighters this fall.
  19. As I mentioned above, you can also ask to be switched to any other available cabin with the same exact category once you're OFFICIALLY assigned. I was fine with a GTY cabin we got in July, but there was one in a spot I really liked so I switched just b/c I could.
  20. Can you believe there are weirdos getting close to D+ with nothing but East/West Caribbean and Bahamas cruises (aside from one 7-nigher in Alaska)? Some people! P.S. If my attempt at humor failed, see my signature. We enjoy our ship routine, a few select excursions even if we've done them before, and could probably go to Cococay once a week if it were feasible. Different strokes...
  21. Once your GTY has been officially assigned, you can call (or have your TA do it if you used one) and ask to be switched to any available cabin in the same exact category. *NOTE: This is for US bookings.
  22. It varies greatly by date and time of year. With more than one ship there and/or during a bust time (like Summer) OTW cabanas have been $2999-3499. On my Indy cruise next month, when we're the only ship there, it's "only" $1499. You would have to cancel, get a refund, and re-book, if the price drops.
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