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  1. Having just been on a full Indy for a week in July, it's honestly not that bad if you get there when it opens (you'd need an early check-in time). But it definitely does fill up since it's the only option for a full lunch.
  2. My only (albeit minor) complaint about Indy since I like to eat so much on cruises is no additional included food venue besides the above. Really wish it had El Loco Fresh instead of Fish N Ships like Freedom.
  3. In person testing will likely cost you quite a bit although I stopped paying close attention since I never planned to go to Bermuda. If you have any tests at all (or want to buy some at any store like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc.), I'd consider this. It's actually a Canadian company (not that it matters).
  4. Watch YouTube ship tours of the different ships rather than going by vague comments. Some are so extensive they can be over an hour long. You’ll get a much better idea of the differences between one class & another.
  5. Big part of what I had in mind when I mentioned liking the DL a lot more when it's up there and not in the basement. Definitely a nice quiet outdoor spot to spend doing whatever.
  6. Has always been one of my favorite D perks. I usually bring a travel mug to fill (with the paper cups) and take with me.
  7. Did this on Indy on Indy in July; couldn't have gone smoother. Everything was waiting for us when our 2nd cabin was available. Sure it would be easier to stay in the same cabin but changing really wasn't much of a hassle at all.
  8. It was too dead for socializing on Indy this summer but I'm fine treating it as the coffee/snack room. When there was still a happy hour, we did a ton of socializing there.
  9. I go every morning for multiple cappuccinos (and occasionally grab some pastries) and stop by most evenings just to check out the appetizers. Nice place to relax on ships that still have it in the Viking Crown like Freedom class. Not so much when it's in "the basement" like on Oasis class.
  10. Besides passports... Set sail pass (printed or on phone). RC recommends bringing vax card if applicable although it's not required unless you're visiting certain countries. Luggage tags (you should get them 30 days out).
  11. So sorry to hear about your friend. Hope he is doing OK. Suite concierges... [email protected] or [email protected]
  12. Costco does not participate in RoyalUp, sorry, don't shoot the messenger.
  13. Yes, it's pretty similar to the bars on the ship. The main pool bar is large, other bars like the one by Chill Beach are smaller. They do have a signature frozen drink though, the Coco Loco.
  14. Included options (I don't pay for food when I love what's already included) There are 3 snack shacks - really good chicken sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, and amazing funnel cakes. Chill Grill/Skippers Grill - taco bar with freshly made tortillas (they also have burgers, dogs, salads, other sandwiches, etc. but I go for the tacos). Also, a good dessert hack... take 2 chocolate chip cookies to the soft serve ice cream machine and make an ince cream sandwich... then eat it quickly before it melts, lol. Others can chime in about the pay options.
  15. If you found a GTY stressful, you did the right thing. I don't find them stressful and don't care a ton about my cabin so I prefer saving the $. Everyone has their preferences.
  16. Just playing devil's advocate and bringing some statistics into the conversation... There's an extremely low chance that anything goes wrong. You're far more likely to get into a serious car accident just driving to work or the supermarket but you likely don't think twice about driving. I agree, you might as well just get a passport, the downside is a relatively small expenditure spread over 10 years, but calling the DL/BC option a "very very bad idea" is hyperbole IMO.
  17. Not for any country in the Caribbean I've ever been to. You can cruise with a DL and official birth certificate. Your only issue would be if you somehow wound up stuck in a foreign country without a passport; then you will have to jump through quite a few hoops to get back into the US. This is highly unlikely, of course, but there is a nonzero chance.
  18. FWIW, this issue was resolved today for myself (21 days out) as well as others.
  19. I'm one of those who has been affected since I checked in 45 days out. I'm now 21 days out and the issue has been resolved (both app and website). Others have reported the same "across the street."
  20. Be on the look out for lemon sharks and nurse sharks, my wife has seen both roughly where Matt described. I can't manage to find them from my lounge chair behind my frozen drink.
  21. FWIW, I got my docs and luggage tags for my 10/24 Indy sailing at exact 30 days out. If you can't access your set sail pass, there is an ongoing glitch with some sailings. That should be available as soon as you check-in at 45 days but I'm now 21 days out and still cannot. Many people seem to be affected by this and RC says they are aware of the problem but of course can't specify when it will be fixed.
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