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  1. Yes, $14 drinks are now covered by both the DBP as well as C&A vouchers.
  2. I'll play a bit of devil's advocate and say the view from your cabin in Alaska isn't nearly as big of a deal as people make it out to be. When there's something truly exciting to see, you're going to want to be up on a deck somewhere, not in your cabin, even if you have a balcony.
  3. You can ask for anything. Not meant to be snarky, but no one can promise what answer you will get. FWIW, my BIL had a harder time getting extra decaf on Harmony in May so my guess would be getting extra regular wouldn't be a problem.
  4. I sail whatever is out of PC b/c the hour drive is just too damn convenient and El Loco Fresh is the only thing I really wish we had, especially on Indy which only has Fish N Ships (not free) besides the standard venues. I do enjoy Playmakers, but again, not free. I don't mind nearly as much on Oasis Class b/c there's Park Cafe as an additional free venue at least.
  5. FYI, Royal now serves Starbucks in places like Cafe Promenade. They switched a few months ago. I'm not a coffee snob at all so can't help with the rest. I drink cheap stuff at home and I'm happy to have many cappuccinos in the DL every morning. No idea of the quality but they taste damn good to me. Back to my cup of Maxwell House.
  6. Mini-Bites is my least favorite included food venue on any ship I've ever been on... and this is coming from someone who considers eating his top activity while cruising while rarely paying for specialty food so that's really saying something.
  7. Was given them nightly after requesting on day one on Indy in July. Will do the same on Indy in 9 days assuming it's still an option. We use the daily planner, calendar, and other features of the app (like dining/bar venue schedules) and don't really need the paper compass but we like to have it out of tradition & nostalgia.
  8. I know there is an uncovered overflow lot next to Terminal 1 but I can't tell you anything more about it as I always park in the garage.
  9. Yes, they can definitely help with reservations, but I'd be shocked if this issue wasn't resolved long before that point.
  10. You would be paying full price if you waited until boarding. There is usually a 15% minimum discount for booking ahead of time.
  11. No, there are usually at least 2 show times for every show to accommodate early vs. late seating amongst other reasons.
  12. There is a cruise planner sale ending today. No idea how flashy it is or if you will find deals but there is a sale ending today. Just go to the cruise planner.
  13. Agreed. I had something random like this in July. On 1 particular night of my 7 night cruise, Giovanni's was "sold out." It was wide open the other 6 nights. Customer service of course told me it was sold out. Common sense told me that was extremely unlikely. A week later, it was wide open on the night I wanted.
  14. LOL, that's past my bedtime. I'll just infer that if you got more vouchers at midnight they would have still been there in the morning if you weren't such a party animal. Thanks for the info.
  15. @AshleyDillo No issues doing this on Indy this past weekend I assume? I only ask b/c there have been some reports of people being denied on certain ships. I had no problem on Indy in July but figured I'd ask since I know you were just onboard. Thanks.
  16. As I posted above, because you can also be notified after you have unpacked in your original cabin and many people would not want to re-pack and move.
  17. You can be notified that you won once onboard and after you have unpacked. Some people don't want to have to re-pack and move even b/c of winning an upgrade so they cancel ahead of time.
  18. We had an OTW cabana in May and yes, our attendant brought us Snack Shack food in addition to the Beach Club steak and lobster. We told him how much we loved the chicken sandwiches and funnel cakes from previous visits and he showed up with piles of each. He even brought a separate container of powdered sugar for the funnel cakes as they would have been a mess otherwise. He was awesome and one of those crew members you remember after the cruise. Sorry for the additional info, I guess I could have just said "yes." Good thing I'll be there in 2 weeks b/c now I want Snack Shack food.
  19. One tip if you have any left over at the end of the night... use them on unopened beer, hard seltzer, or bottled water to take back to your cabin cooler.
  20. As others have said, look for independent excursions.
  21. Yes, you can drop your bags off early. Also, you can periodically check the app for an earlier check-in time if you'd prefer that. Sometimes slots that were previously full open up as people are forced to cancel or change plans.
  22. I agree, the social aspect was nice, but most people (myself included) prefer the vouchers so you can order anything at any time at any venue. As a frugal cruiser who isn't a huge drinker, I enjoy being able to get free frozen drinks during the day rather than be limited to more standard cocktails from the old limited DL happy hour menu.
  23. I read a report elsewhere of a medical emergency just as Harmony was leaving.
  24. I would be shocked if they didn't. Can't imagine the 4-6 essentially "free" drink vouchers would turn into $1 drink vouchers.
  25. You can use it at Playmakers for lunch (love their burgers, onion rings and the campfire cookie). I believe you get a $25 credit per meal or something.
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